My 7 Day Routine For Glowing Skin

Does anyone have any plans for this weekend? Going or doing anything special? I’m going to see the Beauty and the Beast movie tonight. I’m really excited! It’s been a while since I’ve actually gone to the movies. I usually just wait til it arrives on Netflix to watch it. But because today is my day off I decided to get out of the house and take a trip to the movie theaters! And besides you must have the experience of going to the movie theaters once in a while! If you have seen it let me know if you liked it! Popcorn, Nachos, & Candy for dinner! So much for that diet that I was on..haha

This year I’m not gonna lie, it has been a little stressful so far! The weeks have felt longer & a lot more seems to be going on! In the midst of everything that is happening, we seem to forget that we have to really start taking care of ourselves. Mentally & physically! I’m going to share with you some of the ways I take care of my skin.

Day 1-7:
Get a good nights rest! Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is good for you! Trust me, you don’t want to deal with dark circles under your eyes because you’re not getting enough sleep.
-Before you have breakfast, start each day with a 8 oz glass of water. Whenever you drink water, if you can, add a slice of lemon to it. Drinking water with lemon has a lot of benefits. It’s very good for the skin. It contains a lot of Vitamin C, it is good for weight loss, and also can boost your energy in the morning.
-(Morning) Wash your face with warm water
-Use a toner to remove oil, dirt, blemishes, & any redness from the skin. It’s very soothing to the skin. If you don’t have a toner, use witch hazel. Not only does it help smooth the skin but it also helps with shrinking pores.
-Moisturizer helps boost hydration in the skin. Preventing any dryness or flakiness. Find ingredients that are natural.
-Make sure you are wearing sunscreen! Very important because it helps & acts as a protector against the harmful UV rays when your skin is exposed to the sun. Damage from the sun can last a lifetime! Find a good quality moisurizer with SPF ( I like Origins).

Throughout the day you are constantly drinking water. If you want to try something different, drink an herbal tea or sparkling water.
Go for a workout, just going on the treadmill or outside to hike for an hour helps keep the heart rate up.
A Warm Shower
will open up the pores and cleanse the skin.
Snacks, healthy snacks!
Try eating almonds, Greek yogurt, walnuts, dark chocolate, oatmeal, kale (try kale chips, they’re super yummy), kiwi, eggs, & green tea!

For green tea, I let the teabag steep in the hot water for about 5-10 minutes. I like to put the tea over ice just because I prefer the green tea cold. Drinking green tea helps with keeping the skin feeling radiant. Green tea benefits also include increasing the metabolism helping with weight loss, and skin care providing antioxidants helping with aging as well as wrinkles.


(Night) Restoring Skin
Face Masks,
I like to do a face mask once a week!
At Night,
this is the time to relax and not do anything or stress about anything. This is the time to unwind and not have to think or use your brain. Turn your phone off! Night time is for restoring the skin. I like to dab on some type of ointment whether it’s Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, or Tea Tree Oil.
your skin. Make sure your hands are super clean before touching your face. Use warm water – not too hot and not too cold. Not everyone has the same skin type – therefore try finding a product that is good for your skin type whether its oily, dry, sensitive, or normal. I tend to have dryer skin so I have to find products that replenish and hydrate my skin. Go to a store like Sephora or Nordstroms and talk to someone with knowledge about different skin types.

Focus Moments:

Mondays: Cleanse & Hyrdrate

Tuesday: 8 hrs of sleep: Turn off technology at least an hour before you go to bed. Use that extra hour to read a book, color, draw, or even write a story.

Wednesday: Treatment! Try an apple cider vinegar treatments.

Thursday: Take a break!

Friday: Face Mask Day

Saturday: Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, & moisturize!

Sunday: Use a fresh, new face cleanser or exfoliater


Hope you enjoyed these tips! I would love to know your skin care routine! Is there anything I should add to this list? Please let me know! I always try to look for products with good ingredients for example, witch hazel, aloe vera, & tea tree oil. Do you guys have any recommendations on products that you love to use?



Being Single Doesn’t Have To Suck! Pros + Cons List


“Just Because I’m Single Doesn’t Mean I Sleep Alone…I Share The Other Half Of The Bed With The Pile Of Laundry I’m Too Lazy To Put Away.”

Long time no see! How is everyone doing today? I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am super excited to finally be done with my homework…at least for now. I may have pulled a couple of all nighters this week to get a 7 page essay & a 17 slide power point presentation done. Procrastination at its finest! You could give me a year to do an assignment and I would still choose to leave it til the last day. I don’t know why but I use pressure as my motivation. Anyone else?..

I guess you could say this post is a mix of ranting as well as a little entertainment! This is purely just for some fun & hopefully you can possibly learn something from this post. Just thought I would make an interesting blog post today talking about relationships. Who said being single couldn’t be fun? In my opinion, it’s more fun than being in a relationship. (I’m sorta just guessing.) Well, I thought I would share my opinions on the pros & cons of being single. I enjoyed making this post so let’s get on with it!!

“I Like Being Single. I’m Always There When I Need Me.”

Pros Of Being Single:

-Not having to share my food. I don’t have to constantly share my food all the time. Sometimes I just wanna have a burger & large fries to myself…is that too much to ask?

-Can get as much sleep not having to worry about anything. Sleep is a very valuable thing!

-More freedom & Independence. You are free to go out where ever you want without having to think about it. You can start a new hobby like photography, or cooking.

-More Money For You. Saving money is never a bad idea. More money for you to spend on food, clothes, shoes……food…

-More time on your hands. To do things you love such as exercise, volunteer, work, travel, explore, read, write.

-You Can focus on yourself. You don‘t have to be dependent on anyone else. You focus on you..and build a better you. Do things that will benefit you later. Focus on school, work

Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. It just means you haven’t found the right person yet. You don’t have to be reliant on anybody but yourself. You are in charge of your own happiness.

Cons Of Being Single

Hmmm I can’t think of any! Being single is pretty ideal in my opinion.

What are some things that are perfect to do alone?? Well….

-Order Take-Out: Can’t go wrong with some Chinese Food
-Buy Some Chocolate: Anything with caramel & milk chocolate
-Relax & A Movie: Watching TV Shows until 4 in the morning & finishing the whole series in 3 days.
-Trying New Looks: Experimenting & trying out new makeup or new clothes.

Focus on your career and what you want to do first before you start a relationship. What do you want to accomplish in life? Don’t start a relationship until you’re ready. Don’t do it because all of your friends have a date or a special someone that they always take pictures of and post it on Instagram for everyone to see. Most of these “relationships” are fake anyways right 😉

“I’ve Been Single For A While And I Have To Say, It’s Going Very Well. Like….It’s Working Out. I Think I’m The One.”

Just thought I would show you some things I did last weekend! I went to the Crack Shack & had some Mexican Poutine with fried chicken & french fries. And boy was it super delicious and yummy! If you’re ever in California, I recommend giving this place a try!


If you have any more pros & cons of being single let me know in the comments below! Would love to hear all of your ideas so I can add to the list! See you on Friday with all new post!

“If You’re Single, Make The Best Of It. It’s Not Because You’re Not Good Enough For Anyone, But It Means No One Is Good Enough For You Yet.”





For Those Bad Hair Days: Remedies For Crazy, Frizzy Hair!!


Ewwwww! I absolutely hate the feeling of dry, frizzy, and nasty hair and it always seems to happen on the worst fricken days possible! You ever have that moment when you have to grab two things from the store so you throw on some random shirt you had from ten years ago and the first pair of sweatpants you find from the floor. You look completely horrendous, you hair is a absolute disaster but you know you’re only going to be in the store for two minutes so you don’t care too much. When you do go into the store, you see your entire groups of friends. You try to avoid them by quickly grabbing the stuff you need and get out of there before anyone sees what you look like. What if there was a way to avoid a bad hair day? I’m gonna share some remedies/treatments I use to get rid of frizzy, & dry hair. Have you ever had a bad hair day?

Having a bad hair day can really lower your confidence level and can change your mood for the rest of the day.

Using Natural Remedies & Products

I like to add these products after I wash my hair with shampoo & conditioner.

Olive Oil: Some people warm up the olive oil before using it and apply it to their hair for about 30 minutes and then wash it out with shampoo. What I like to do is leave the olive oil in my hair. Whenever I wash my hair, I apply a good amount of olive oil throughout the roots, scalp, & hair. Not only is olive oil a good moisturizer but it also makes the hair more stronger, and healthier looking.

Apple Cider Vinegar: When using Apple Cider Vinegar, I always dilute it down with water before using it just so it’s not so strong. Add some

Honey: Warm up honey in the microwave for 10-20 seconds with a little bit of olive oil and apply it onto your hair for 30 minutes. Make sure you wash it out  super well with your shampoo & conditioner! You don’t want your hair to be sticky!

Coconut Oil Duh! I use coconut oil for everything-skin, hair, nails, etc..

Cocoa Butter:  Adds moisture & gives your hair a nice shine! Not to mention it smells super yummy!

What are some of your natural remedies for bad hair days? Do you have a hair mask you like to use?

Hair Tips!

  • Getting a hair trim once a month
  • Try A Dry Shampoo
  • Use A Wide Tooth Comb
  • Do A Hair Mask At Least Once A Week
  • Spray A Toothbrush With Hairspray & Tame The Fly-Aways
  • Apply Aloe Vera To Your Hair
  • Try Not To Wash Your Hair Everyday


Because treatments can get a little time consuming, I highly suggest doing a face mask while waiting & maybe even having a warm bath. Don’t forget to set a timer on how long you need for your hair mask/treatment. _dsc1038

Try this Hair Mask!!


  • Aloe Vera (6tbs)
  • Coconut Oil  (3tbs)


Mix these ingredients together and leave on your hair for about 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. This helps with dry & damaged hair.

Just Dealing With It

Another option is to just deal with bad hair days. Every one goes through them-you’re not the only one. You can always wear a cute hat if you need too.




30 Things To Do When You’re Bored

After taking a couple weeks off from blogging, It feels so good to be back! Finals are over & now I have more time to focus on blogging! To begin with this post, I do have one question to ask you! What do you believe is the most overly used phrase? In my opinion, it’s “I’m bored!” That phrase is used so many times a day that it’s almost a habit. But…I’ve created this list to help get rid of that phrase once & for all!! Or at least I hope!

1.) Online Shopping
2.) Go To A Local Grocery Store & Get Something That You Wouldn’t Normally Buy
3.) Bubble Bath
4.) Paint Your Nails
5.) Netflix (Start A New Show! Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, The Walking Dead)
6.) Start Your Own Blog
7.) Bake Some Brownies Or Cupcakes
8.) Workout


9.) Look At Photo Albums
10.) Buy A Pet
11.) Try A Colorful Makeup Look. Wear A Lipstick Color You Wouldn’t Normally Wear
12.) Get A Henna Tattoo
13.) Make Freeze-Dried Fruit
14.) Stay In Your Pajamas All Day & Watch Movies
15.) Watch Liam Neeson Movie’s
16.) Get Colored Highlights In Your Hair
17.) Make A Face Mask & Hair Treatment

18.) Make Some Tea
19.) Go On A Picnic
20.) Sign Up For A Dancing Class With Your Friends
21.) Buy Some Plain Colored Mugs & Paint Them
22.) Go To The Beach & Collect Seashells
23.) Make Your Own Lipstick!
24.) Go To The Dollar Store


25.) Eat Some Watermelon
26.) Make A Vision Board
27.) Go Through All Your Stuff  & Sell The Stuff You Don’t Need
28.) Read A Book
29.) Go Bowling
30.) Tie-Dye Shirts

31.) You even get a bonus! Go volunteer & give back to your community.

Thank You So Much For Reading! Have an amazing weekend! We will see you next Friday with an all new post! 🙂



My Bucket List (43 Things!)

It is never too late or too early in my opinion to start creating a bucket list. With this list, I will add check marks next to each one that I complete. Hope you enjoy!

I also created a “Things You Want To Do” List that you can download & fill out with all of the activities and adventures that you want to do so you don’t forgot them. Download Template Here!


1.) DIY Pizza Party
2.) Pajama Party
3.) River Raft
4.) Horseback Riding
5.) ✓Fish & Chips At The Beach
6.) Hot Air Balloon Ride
7.) Ice Cream Party
8.) Whale-Watching
9.) Learning to Surf
10.) Sky-Diving
11.) Running Through The Sprinklers
12.) ✓Go To A Seahawks Football Game
13.) Learn To Play Tennis
14.) Ride In A Limousine
15.) Go Kart-Racing
16.) Paint Ball With Friends
17.) Paddle Boarding
18.) 1 Week No-Social Networking
19.) Write & Publish A Novel
20.) Dye My Hair
21.) Make A Difference In Someones Life
22.) A Small Tattoo
23.) Go To The Grand Canyon
24.) Visit All 50 States
25.) Laser-Tag
26.) Go On A Cruise
27.) Swim Under A Waterfall
28.) Parasailing
29.) Scuba Diving
30.) Snorkeling
31.) Sky-diving
32.) Swim With Dolphins
33.) Road Trip With Friends
34.) Fly On First Class
35.) ✓Create My Own Starbucks Drink
36.) Try Lavender Syrup In Coffee
37.) ✓Take A Cooking Class
38.) Eat Dessert First
39.) Make Homemade Popsicle’s
40.) Breakfast In Bed
41.) Make My Own Ice Cream
42.) Eat At A 5 Star Restaurant
43.) Go Snowboarding

I would love to hear what’s on your bucket list! Anything that you have always wanted to try? I’m always looking for new activities to add to the list!