Going On A RoadTrip To Arizona: Trying Delicious Food!

I wish I was a more organized person. I usually end up waiting until the last-minute. When it comes to packing for road trips or just trips in general, I usually leave it til the morning to get my stuff organized and packed. I kinda just work that way..I can’t find any motivation to do it otherwise. For this trip, I was going to Arizona for 3 days. My dad bought us all tickets to see the football game-Cardinals vs Seahawks. This morning I woke up at 7 and started thinking about what I needed for the trip. I pretty much just make a mental list of the things I need to grab and put inside my backpack. Clothes, Toiletries Technology, Snacks/Food/Drinks, etc.. Once I finished packing my bag, we made some oatmeal and left at about 8:30 AM. During the road trip, I spent my many hours of free time alternating between listening to music, watching Batman vs Superman, and eating chips while starting homework. I tried to get as many things as possible done.


Halfway to our destination, we went to the Cracker Barrel to get some breakfast. I ordered 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, bacon, hash browns, as well as a side of grits. It was actually my first time trying grits..it had such a unique flavor. To me it tasted like warm pudding or mushy baby food. I added a little bit of bacon to it for some saltiness. The pancakes were served with maple syrup and topped with some butter. The breakfast was super delicious!


With two more hours of driving, we finally reached the hotel we were staying at. Putting our suitcases on the dolly and pushing it to our hotel room was quite an adventure. All the guests in the hotel were laughing while my mom and I attempted to push the dolly every which way..trying to steer it in the right direction. _dsc0675

For dinner we drove to the mall across the street and decided to give “Opa Life” a try. I ordered the gyro pita with Greek fries.


When the waitress came with the plates of food..my jaw dropped. I was so surprised at how much food we got..the portions were huge! Not to mention the prices were great too! The food was amazing and super yummy! The regular fries were golden and crispy. The gyro pita also had great flavor and the tzatziki sauce that came with it added a nice tangy flavor.


The greek fries were to die for! They were served with a Lemon Dijon sauce and topped with feta and parmesan cheese.


In the morning, we went downstairs and made our complimentary waffles. I mean sure, they didn’t look the best..but man did they certainly taste yummy. They were fluffy and super addicting! After we got ready for the day, we drove to Dutch Bros. to get some coffee. The lineup of cars was insane! We waited 20-25 minutes to order.


After getting our coffee, we walked to the pool side near our hotel. It was about 95 degrees outside..it was insanely hot!


That night was the football game. I put on my Seahawks shirt and matching shorts and was all ready to go to the game. Had to represent my team!


Before going to the football game, we went back to the Greek place, Opa Life for a light dinner. It was that good! I ordered a greek salad and a side of feta fries.

When we did arrive at the game I ordered some nachos with cheese and a bag of kettle corn. The guy beside me got this amazing looking chocolate crepe with raspberry sauce and whip cream. I was so tempted to buy one but those nachos really filled me up especially with the jalapenos..my mouth was on fire!


This was my first NFL game! It was really exciting & so much fun! It was certainly an adventure of endless tying and scoring from both teams. The game ended up going over time & they both ended up missing the field goal kicks. It was crazy!!!!!  So it basically ended in a tie! It was the first tie in Seahawks history. The final score was 6-6.


Arizona was such a fun place to explore and travel to…even if it was only for a couple of days! I especially loved seeing all the cactus. I would love to come back one day & stay longer!


Summer Road Trip to Disney Land


Welcome to the happiest place on earth. I recently went on a road trip to Disneyland & man was it fun! It’s been about 14 years since I’ve actually been to Disneyland so you can tell I was pretty excited to go.

Days Before The Road Trip

 We set up all the reservations for the restaurants to avoid the lineups. We packed our bags, charged our phones & cameras, and went to bed early, excited for the adventures to come.

6 AM

I don’t know about you, but whenever I have to get up early, I always set my alarm clock a couple of hours before I have to get up. It’s like a warning for myself to get up soon..”like Tonee don’t stress out, stay calm..but you need to wake up in a couple hours.”

As I got out of bed, I took a shower, got dressed-putting on comfy clothing..shorts, a top, and some shoes. Grabbed all my stuff & headed off to Disney.

10 AM/Breakfast

First thing we did when getting to Disneyland was go to the Peter Pan’s Flight. The line was about 30 minutes..and to be honest, it went by really fast. It was a cute ride to go on & it really made you feel like you were flying.



For breakfast we reserved a spot at Carnation Cafe. I ordered the Micky Mouse waffles & Bacon. It was a simple breakfast, nothing too heavy because I didn’t want to feel sick on the other rides. “(I didn’t feel like throwing up my breakfast).” 😉_DSC0028.JPG

Indiana Jones Ride

Honestly, I think this one was one of my favorite rides. It was pretty jerky & I was scared but it was so fun!! If you ever go to Disneyland, you have to try this ride…it’s a must!

Jungle Cruise

 I enjoyed it..it was a fun boat ride! The guide takes you around & shows you different animal habitats & also tells stupid jokes 😉

Space Mountain

I seriously don’t know how I made it. I got off the ride & my legs were shaking. Guess what? We were in the 1st row & man it was scary!!! It felt like I was going to fly out of the seat. IT WAS GOING SOOOOOO FAST!! The beginning of the ride was slow, & then all of a sudden it kept getting faster and faster and insanely faster. My eyes were shut the entire time. This ride was the absolute scariest.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really like this ride. It was slow & long. There’s 2 dips in the beginning and middle & then the rest is flat & boring.

Big Thunder Mountain

Sooo scary! I screamed the whole time. I felt bad for the people who sat in front of me. I felt like my heart stopped beating as my head came inches from hitting the rock.

It’s A Small World

It felt like we were walking for days upon days. My feet were aching, & my eyes were heavy. It was perfect for a nice boat ride, so we went on It’s A Small World.






For lunch we went to the Cove Bar over at California Adventure which is right across from Disneyland. We ordered the Buffalo Wings & Lobster Nachos. WE TORE THIS DANG THING UP! It was so good!! The view we had from the restaurant was so beautiful…take a look. ❤



Got a picture with Minnie too!! ❤

If you like coconut, I recommend trying the Matterhorn Macaroon.


For dinner, we ate at Jolly Holly Bakery Cafe & I ordered an Oven Roasted Turkey Sandwich, which was amazing by the way… It also came with House Chips that were <3!!!

We stayed at Disney until 10 watching the parade & fireworks. This is definitely one of the best road trips I’ve ever been on! I can’t wait to go back!

Check out some of the rides I went on, watch below.


Visiting One Of The Top 10 Fairs In The US & CANADA

Today, I traveled to one of the top 10 fairs in the US & CANADA-The San Diego County Fair. This place is fun for anyone. There’s so many endless options of games & food. You’ll be there for hours without even realizing the time.


This years fair theme is the Mad Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland movie.


As we walked through the entrance, we saw all the restaurants. Look how much chicken they cook up in the back…that whole stove is full, like danggg!! & look at how much french fries you get..It’s like 10 pounds of french fries on the scale. Nom Nom Nom…


This place got busy very fast. We made sure to get there right when it opened so it was less crowded.


Of course we had to take a little walking break. It felt like we were walking for miles, this fair was huge! They had a bunch of these machines around the fair where you just put in a quarter & it’ll give you a foot massage.


A lot of my friends have already gone to this fair & told me I should try the deep fried oreos. I got it with powdered sugar & chocolate sauce. It was so delicious. We asked to get them made fresh..so it was nice and hot. The Oreo was warm & gooey inside. I could easily get hooked on these things.


You cannot go to the fair without getting some kettle corn. Super addicting..let me tell you, I need to add this to the list of my guilty pleasures.



Just one of the entertainment acts we saw at the fair.

What’s your favorite festival food or activity? Do you like to go on the rides or play games?





Visiting Salvation Mountain

I was looking at a bunch of pictures on the internet one day & a picture of a place called Salvation Mountain popped up. I was thinking about how cool it looked and possibly doing a road trip to see this place in person. Gotta love the internet, because I wouldn’t have known about this spot otherwise.

This place located in Niland is called Salvation Mountain. A man named Leonard Knight created all of this! This is a special & unique place. It’s also in the middle of the desert. When I traveled here the temperature was hott! It was 105 degrees. Have your car close by because you’ll need those AC breaks.



I did a little bit of research on my own & apparently, Leonard created this monument with just adobe clay & straw, & paint that was donated.


Sadly Leonard Knight died in February 2014. However, his message still lives on with the help of volunteers.


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Relaxing In Downtown San Diego

 Today, I traveled to downtown San Diego with the fam. Lets just say this was such an adventure for me. We all went on a trolley ride & traveled around to see the different stops/places in the downtown area of San Diego.

After getting off at the first stop we headed to see where everyone was walking to. As we kept walking, we saw this huge statue of a sailor & a nurse kissing.

The Unconditional Surrender Statue is located in Embarcadero. It Signifies the ending of WWII.

     The trees I’m standing in front of are called coral trees. When these babies bloom they turn into a bright orange color!

This is the USS Midway. Inside is a museum and a restaurant which is pretty sweet!

We then headed to Little Italy. I swear Little Italy is such a cute place. There’s so many restaurants to try.

Every Saturday, Little Italy has a farmers market that goes from 8-2PM. While I was walking through the market I found this guy that makes Boba Thai Tea. Of course I had to try it! This is what it looks like-it was sweet & delicious.

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, go to Napizza!! They do not disappoint.

I always order the pepperoni pizza there. Last time I went to Napizza (for dessert) I ordered the Cannoli. Which is also really good, I recommend it!

Down on the Coronado Beach, you will see the sand castle man. He creates these sand castles that are super cool!

Where I’m standing, the little bushes on the sand spell out CORONADO at aerial view.


So, if you’re ever thinking about where your next vacay should be..downtown San Diego is the place to be!

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