7 Healthy & Delicious Snack Ideas

You ever have one of those days where you come home & can’t find anything to eat? Whether it’s a quick snack or just something to enjoy while your binge watching some television. You’ve come to the right place!

1.) Hummus

Grab some Hummus dip & get your sides ready! I like to eat celery, carrots, pita bread, crackers, & cucumber with hummus. They all make great and yummy sides. Wash them, cut them up, & serve.


2.) Avocado with salt & pepper

It’s as simple as it sounds. Take an avocado, cut it in half, take the seed out, and then add salt & pepper to the avocado. I didn’t realize how delicious it was until I actually tried it. An avocado plain with some seasoning kinda scared me. I guess I learned a valuable lesson, don’t judge a food by how it sounds. You never know how something is going to taste unless you try it. Like chicken & waffles, never in a million years would I have thought of that combo, but man is it tasty!

3.) 2 Ingredient Pancakes

All you need is 1 banana and 2 eggs. Mush the banana very well (you don’t want any lumps) and mix it with your 2 eggs. You can also add a little bit of cinnamon to add flavor to the pancakes. Butter a pan, put it on medium heat, and add a spoonful of batter. Flip the pancakes until fully cooked.


4.) English Muffin w/ peanut butter & strawberry

Take some english muffins & toast them. I had to toast mine a couple of times to get the perfect golden brown. Spread on peanut butter & add some strawberries.


5.) Parfait

I love parfaits!! I always see pictures of them online. Makes me so hungry when I see them. All you need is some yogurt, fruit, and granola. Take a clear glass cup and start layering your ingredients. Start with a little bit of yogurt on the bottom of the cup, add some fruit & granola. Then start layering your yogurt again and then your fruit and sprinkle some granola on the top! I kept doing this until I reached the top of the cup. MMM


6.) Apples & Peanut Butter

A picture just does not do this snack justice! It’s so simple yet so good! Take an apple and cut it up into small slices. Add some peanut butter to the side & use it as a dipping sauce for the apple slices.

7.) Acai Bowl

One of my favorite treats to make is an Acai Bowl. I already have the recipe posted on another blog post, which you can read here. Basically Acai is a purple fruit that contains many health & nutritional benefits. You can purchase them at health food stores in smoothie packets or a powder form. Some stores include Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Jimbo’s, etc.  In your acai bowl, you can pretty much add as much or as little toppings as you want. I love to add a bunch of fruit like blueberries, strawberries, banana, & granola!


What are some of your favorite healthy snacks? I got a bunch more yummy & delicious snack ideas to share! Wishing everyone a great Labor Day Weekend!






Make Your Own Açaí Bowl! Yummy & Healthy

Yesterday I recently discovered the Açaí Bowls. The price for one was about 8 bucks. That’s pretty expensive considering you can make them at home for probably cheaper and tastes just as good. All you need is a couple of ingredients from the grocery store and you’re all set to make this delicious treat for summer!

Açaí is a purple fruit that has many great nutritional benefits. It’s full of antioxidants, and has a good source of nutrients.  You can purchase them at health food stores like Whole Foods, Jimbo’s, or Trader Joe’s. You can even buy it on Amazon.


-Açaí Smoothie Packs
-2 Frozen Bananas
-2 Dates
-8 OZ Cashew Milk
-4 Tbsp Peanut Butter

-Almonds, flaxseeds, unsweetened coconut, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds

-In the blender, combine the Açaí Packs, Bananas, Dates, Cashew Milk, and Peanut Butter.
-Pour this blend into a bowl of your choice
-Add your favorite toppings to the top….kiwis, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, flaxseeds, almonds, etc.
-Enjoy your yummy snack!

This recipe makes 2 servings. It’s super healthy & absolutely delicious! So if you’re looking for a quick & easy snack to make, the Acai Bowls are perfect and filling.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. 🙂

The Best Donuts In The World??? The Donut Bar Review

The Donut Bar is the most award-winning shop for donuts in the USA! They’ve been on countless tv shows, magazines, and media outlets. I wanted to see what the rave was about this place. Are the donuts really that good here? I can tell you that this place brings many crowds of people from around the world. This place opens at 8AM on the weekends & 7AM on weekdays. They close at 12PM or until all of the donuts are sold out. They sell 2,000 donuts a day. They sell out pretty quick so you have to be there quite early!


We drove to the location of the Donut Bar and found a parking spot. Put some coins in the parking meter & headed to the shop. There was a long line that wrapped around the whole block. Waited 1 hr & 30 minutes to get some donuts. All I kept thinking is “they better be worth it!” I also recommend looking at the menu, they always post it on Instagram the day before, so you know what you want to order when you get inside. The line goes fast when you have a cup of coffee by your side & some company.


We walked inside to hear some disco music & with the disco lights on. The workers asked us what we wanted as we were drooling over the looks of the donuts. The donuts are a little pricey, they range from $2-5. We bought 6 donuts in total. They gave us little samples of the french toast donut. Which is actually one of the donuts we bought.


The French Toast Donuts are made to order. I really recommend this donut! It’s pretty delicious! They also have upstairs seating so you can enjoy the donut while it’s nice and hot.


Also tried the Maple Bacon, Cake Batter, DB’s Nutella, Big Poppa-Tart, and the Triple Chocolate Threat Donuts!


 For the Nutella Donut, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t taste the nutella flavor very much. I wish they would’ve added nutella in the inside of the donut as well, to add more flavor & sweetness.

The Maple Bacon Donut was good! The maple icing tasted delicious! A perfect salty-sweet taste.

Big Poppa-Tart was one I really loved! When you sliced it open the jam just oozed out! It was really delicious. All the flavors were really good together! It wasn’t too sweet, it was just the right amount of sweetness.

The Cake Batter Donut was moist. This one is good as well! Sweet with little colored funfettis on the top!


Which donut looks the most appetizing to you?


 The next time I go to the donut bar, I’m going to stick with the French Toast Donut, Big Poppa-Tart, and the Cake Batter Donut. Those 3 were the best in my opinion.

A Bite To Eat At The Crack Shack

A drive to Little Italy is all it takes to get some delicious fried chicken! The Crack Shack is a fairly new restaurant, it’s only been open for a couple of months. Found this place on Instagram & decided to give it a try!

As you walk along the restaurant, you see a huge menu. You have to buy your entree and sides separately. So once we placed our order, we found a seat next to the fireplace.


This place serves fresh, free-range chicken, and organic eggs. The seating is all placed outside. The Crack Shack does do take-outs, so if you can’t seem to find any seating available you can always take it home to go.

We waited about 15 minutes for the food to come out. I ordered The Brick House Sandwich off the menu. To sum it all up, it contained crispy chicken, mayo, arugula, fennel, and kaiser. This sandwich is about $12. It was nice and hot when they served it! When I tried the sandwich, it was love at first bite. They have a bunch of sauces so make sure you try each one! I had my burger with a side of ranch which made it taste a lot better!

This burger is almost the size of my head.

Also tried the 5 piece Fried Chicken ($15) & the mini biscuits ($5).

The mini biscuits tasted soft inside. If you try these, make sure you wait til they cool down. The sauce on the side is called Miso-Maple Butter. To me, I didn’t taste the maple butter as much, it had a more of a plain buttery taste.

The Fried Chicken was delicious & very crispy!

I highly recommend this if you have not already tried this place yet. I would def come back again! Next time, I wanna try the deviled eggs & mexican poutine.

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UPDATE (MAY 21, 2016)

I went to the Crack Shack again today. Had the usual Brick House & the mexican poutine. It was delicious!! I def reccomend the poutine 100%

10 Foods/Drinks You Should Try In 2016

Most people agree that change is good. Especially when it comes to trying new foods! Trying new foods can be daring and adventurous. Personally, I think it’s good to expand your food choices & try something you wouldn’t normally eat. Here is a list of 10 different foods/drinks that you should try!

1.) Takis. They taste a lot like Cheetos but they’re a little more lime flavor-like. These Takis have a good kick! Just make sure you have a glass of H₂O by your side.

2.) Ramuné Soda. These are carbonated drinks. There is a marble on the top of the bottle that’s held in by pressure (carbon dioxide). In other words, the marble seals the drink. It’s actually pretty cool!

3.) Shrimp Tacos are hecka good! So basically inside the tacos are a couple of crispy shrimps, avocado, cilantro, and a special Tamarindo-Chile Sauce. I wouldn’t mind just having a bowl of it & eating the shrimp. The extra additives just add more flavor to your bite. The flavors really blend well together.


4.) Turkey Melts. I went to this place called Tin Leaf. I got the turkey melt, and inside it is, horseradish cheddar, arugula, and basil mayo. I also got the french fries with the Garlic Chive Aioli sauce. Can I just tell you how good this sauce is? It’s so yummy!!!

5.) Carne asada French Fries. You gotta eat this stuff SLOW to savor every single bite! The flavors of the guac, cheese sauce, steak, french fries, and sour cream just melt in your mouth. Wish they would sell these at the movie theaters. These would go great with a movie!


6.) California Rolls & Crunchy Roll Sushi. If you’re a sushi fan like I am, or have never tried sushi this needs to be on your food must-haves! Another tip is to try this with a Spicy Mayo Sauce. It makes the sushi taste a billion times better! Trust me!

7.) Cotton Candy Grapes. Yes, this is a real thing and man do they taste delicious!!


8.) Pesto Gnocchi. If you’re going to an Italian Restaurant tonight & you’re not sure what to get, try the Gnocchi! Gnocchi is a dumpling made from potato. There’s many sauces you can try it with! I chose a Pesto Sauce for mine.

9.) Animal Style Fries from In n Out. These fries come with grilled onions, melted cheese, & the special In N Out sauce.


10.) Calamari. It’s a deep fried squid, that’s served as an appetizer in some restaurants. Sooo gooood!


 So which one will you try first?

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