My Bucket List (43 Things!)

It is never too late or too early in my opinion to start creating a bucket list. With this list, I will add check marks next to each one that I complete. Hope you enjoy!

I also created a “Things You Want To Do” List that you can download & fill out with all of the activities and adventures that you want to do so you don’t forgot them. Download Template Here!


1.) DIY Pizza Party
2.) Pajama Party
3.) River Raft
4.) Horseback Riding
5.) ✓Fish & Chips At The Beach
6.) Hot Air Balloon Ride
7.) Ice Cream Party
8.) Whale-Watching
9.) Learning to Surf
10.) Sky-Diving
11.) Running Through The Sprinklers
12.) ✓Go To A Seahawks Football Game
13.) Learn To Play Tennis
14.) Ride In A Limousine
15.) Go Kart-Racing
16.) Paint Ball With Friends
17.) Paddle Boarding
18.) 1 Week No-Social Networking
19.) Write & Publish A Novel
20.) Dye My Hair
21.) Make A Difference In Someones Life
22.) A Small Tattoo
23.) Go To The Grand Canyon
24.) Visit All 50 States
25.) Laser-Tag
26.) Go On A Cruise
27.) Swim Under A Waterfall
28.) Parasailing
29.) Scuba Diving
30.) Snorkeling
31.) Sky-diving
32.) Swim With Dolphins
33.) Road Trip With Friends
34.) Fly On First Class
35.) ✓Create My Own Starbucks Drink
36.) Try Lavender Syrup In Coffee
37.) ✓Take A Cooking Class
38.) Eat Dessert First
39.) Make Homemade Popsicle’s
40.) Breakfast In Bed
41.) Make My Own Ice Cream
42.) Eat At A 5 Star Restaurant
43.) Go Snowboarding

I would love to hear what’s on your bucket list! Anything that you have always wanted to try? I’m always looking for new activities to add to the list!





This weeks theme for the Beauties On Fire collaboration is “Superheros Vs Villains.”

What’s so great about being a superhero?

Well, I can already tell you there are a billion reasons why I would love to be a superhero. I mean other than the obvious reasons of having your own super powers and awesome gadgets and even having your own little sidekick gang. Today, I thought I would have a little fun and share with you my 7 easy steps of how to be a real life superhero.

#1 Outsmart Your Enemy Every superhero has got their villains right? Without the villains, would there even be a need for superheros. I mean without villains, there would be no story, and no challenge. As a superhero, we are required to face them no matter how challenging they can be. Never believe that you can’t outsmart your enemy.

#2 Have Your Own Costume As a superhero, you can dress any way you want to. Wear something bold or crazy! Or maybe you want to fit in with the crowd and not let your guard down. Whatever you wear, own it.

#3 A Weakness Let’s face it, we all have a weakness. Maybe it’s puppies or pizza, or maybe it’s something a little more series (even though puppies and pizza are pretty serious too) For me, it’s shyness, I have a real struggle with talking out loud. But instead of calling something a weakness or a struggle, let’s call it “something we want to work on and improve on.” Try doing something new everyday. Something that will push you & get you out of your comfort zone. Making a list of things that scare you or things that you want to accomplish.

#4 Your Purpose/What Do You Want To Accomplish What are some things you hope to fulfill? Start tracking your progress. Maybe you want to help & lead others or to help make a difference in someone’s life. I actually think that keeping a journal or notebook with you at all times is an awesome idea. Write down some things that make you happy or things that you find joy in doing whether it’s helping someone or helping your community. Remember, you can help someone in so many different ways, It doesn’t have to always be about giving someone something. Just being there and being by their side does more than you think.

#5 My Catch Phrase/Song What’s your song? The song that represents you. If you had to find a song that explained your life what would it be? Or in other words, what does your soundtrack sound like?

#6 A Cool Name, Duh! You can’t be a superhero without an awesome name right? This part can be a little difficult though. Some tips are to use characteristics in your name, or some parts of your real name. I need some superhero name ideas.

#7 My Special Power What’s something that’s unique about yourself? “I’m not ashamed to be me. More than anyone else I know, I love myself. What’s wrong with being unique? I am proud of everything that I am and will become.” – Johnny Weir  Be good to yourself, make a list of things that you’re good at. Remember, as a superhero it is our job to help other people. We want to be genuine, kind and treat others with respect.

I hope you found these 7 easy & simple steps helpful! Now you’re one step ready to becoming an awesome superhero!

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Beauties On Fire


11 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Part 2

Read Part 1 of the “11 Netflix Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix.” CLICK HERE.

Need something to watch tonight? Don’t worry, I got you! Here’s a list of 11 shows to binge watch on Netflix.

Stranger Things

I just recently started watching this show & I love it! The acting, storyline, and characters are all amazing! Whoever created the soundtrack of this show is brilliant. This tv show is about a boy named Will who disappears. His friends, the police officer chief, and his brother all try to look for clues as to where he may of disappeared to.

Gilmore Girls

A good laugh is sometimes all you need. This show goes perfectly with some freshly popped popcorn!

Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere

How is this even possible? I wish I was a painter and could create amazing paintings. I mean seriously, how cool would that be! The art that Bob creates is incredible!

The Vampire Diaries

Seasons 1, 2, & 3 are my favorite! The life of Elena Gilbert living in the mysterious town of Mystic Falls.


6 friends living in Manhattan, just trying to fit in to the big city. Great show & super funny!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Can’t go wrong with some Buffy! Sometimes you just need a little kick-butt show to get you in a good mood! Are you team Angel or team Spike?

Prison Break

This is one of my favorite shows so far. It’s so addicting and really pulls you in. I’m only on the 10th episode and it feels like so much has happened!

Cutthroat Kitchen

There are 4 chefs, each chef get $25,000. With that money, the chefs can use their money on auctions where they can choose to sabotage their opponent by taking one of their ingredients, or by giving them another hard task to do within the time limit given. Whoever wins the challenge at the end, gets to keep the money that they have left.

The 100

This show is currently on my “Need To Watch List.” I’ve heard so many good things about this show & I can’t wait to start watching it!

New Girl

Hilarious! This show is a quirky & funny sitcom! 

Cupcake Wars

This show makes me want to start my own cupcake shop. The flavors they make are incredible! I already got the vision of my cupcake shop in mind. Turquoise walls & pink tiles.

If you have any other good Netflix Show Recommendations, please let me know. I’m looking for some other good shows I can watch. What’s your favorite snack to eat when you watch your favorite show?

15 Books On My Reading List


Welcome to the fourth week of the Beauties on Fire collaboration. This weeks theme is “Movie/Book Theme.”

 It has been a very long time since I have opened up a book & started reading it. I can never find a book that I’m interested in. I usually just read a page of a book and then stop after that. For some reason, I just get uninterested in books and get easily side tracked too. However, I did a little research on some good books to read and found 15 different ones that seemed interesting to me.

1.) Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

I have heard so many things about this book. It’s a fantasy/mystery book about a boy named Jacob who travels to an island after his grandfather passes away. The island is where his grandfather spent his time as a child. He later discovers, that the children who lived there may have been abnormal and strange.

2.) Harry Potter

I am just going to come out & admit it. I have never read a Harry Potter book. But it is definitely on my list!! I have a lot of catching up to do.


 This book tells the story of a women named Sophia Amoruso. She never gave up, always did her best, stayed positive, and was very dedicated to getting what she wanted. Success is hard work that takes time.

4.) The Girl On The Train

 Many people have recommended this book to me, which is why I am super excited to read this book! I love a book with a good twist.

5.) Me Before You

I have all of my tissues ready!

6.) Red Queen

Excited to read this book! It is a fantasy, sci fi, & romantic book.

7.) Looking For Alaska

A book by John Green containing themes such as friendship and forgiveness.

8.) Cinder

This is a fantasy story based on “Cinderella.” Cinder is a cyborg who faces being treated unfairly. She is seen as an outcast to the world. A big theme in this book is love and sacrifice.

9.) The Divergent Series

Five factions, which one will you choose? Amity (Peaceful), Abnegation (Selfless), Erudite (Intelligent), Candor (Honest), or Dauntless (Brave).

10.) Pride and Prejudice

Love, wealth, & prejudgement are some of the many themes in this book.

11.) The Maze Runner

Imagine if you lived in a place where you were trapped with a bunch of others the same age as you, and the only way to escape is to go through a maze. The maze hasn’t been solved yet & is full of vicious creatures. What would you do?

12.) Eleanor & Park

2 kids, both 16 years old, meet on a bus on the way to school. They both start to connect with each others music and books and eventually they start to fall in love. It’s a story about first love.

13.) The Selection

35 women are chosen to be in “The Selection,” a rivalry to compete for a Prince and have a life full of glam and jewels. But with competition comes conflict.

14.) I Am Number Four

9 children have escaped from where they used to live (a planet called Lorien) because it was taken down by the enemies. These children have escaped to earth and are trying to fit in with the crowd. However, the aliens have already killed Number one, two, and three. Now they are coming for number four.

15.) The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The story is about growing up, friendship, and trying new things. I have been wanting to read this book for a long time!

Do you have any book recommendations? Let me know in the comments below! Would love to add to my list.

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3 Day Smoothie Detox

A de·tox is a process in which you help get rid of the toxins in your body. You take a pause from all the “bad foods” & assist in clearing up the body. Supposedly it’s good for enhancing & improving your energy, & possibly helping with weight loss. I wanted to try this detox out, and see what would come of it…what are the results, or what I get from doing this challenge? Do I see a change? Do I feel better after this detox?

So as you can tell by the title of this post, I did this detox for 3 days. I started on a Monday & ended the challenge at 12 PM on Thursday. I’m not gonna lie, this challenge was rough! I’m not used to only having smoothies or ever doing a detox. This was my first time ever doing a food-diet related challenge. In the beginning, I thought it was a complete waste of time, I kept asking myself, am I really gonna do this..I could be eating a nice, warm chocolate cake with chocolate sauce oozing out with vanilla ice cream on the side & powdered sugar. I mean come on! Which one would you prefer to do…eat a chocolate cake, or drink nothing but smoothies for 3 days & nothing else?

I don’t how, but I eventually talked myself into doing this detox. I told myself..maybe I’ll feel better after this. During the challenge, I was craving all sorts of food throughout this detox. But I remained faithful to the challenge, & kept a promise to myself that I would finish this detox no matter what. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this.. & that’s exactly what I did!

Here are 3 smoothies that I tried when doing the challenge. Of course you can tweak it a little if you need to..add some chia seeds or maybe some celery or kale to your smoothies.

If you want to create your own detox smoothie, follow my guide below. Start with your foundation, next the greens, then the fruits, add a little energy, and finally get some flavor going. I also wrote next to the subtitles how much of the ingredient you will need. For the flavoring can add as much or as little as you want. You can make your smoothie have a fruitier taste or maybe a bitter taste, depending on your liking.


Almond Milk
Coconut Milk
Coconut Water






Chia Seeds
Greek Yogurt
Green Tea



After you have picked the ingredients that you want in your smoothie blend, go ahead & put it in a blender. Then blend all the ingredients together & enjoy your smoothie!


The Days Of My Challenge:

Day 1

This day was the most challenging. Like I said I’ve never done anything like this before so I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I had my first smoothie of the day (breakfast) and started to crave fried chicken, Nutella, french fries, cheese burgers, and grilled cheese. Every commercial on TV was a food commercial, and every picture on Instagram was a food picture. It’s literally so hard to start a diet..especially with social media around, with everyone posting food pictures. I was really hungry, but somehow I fought off the urge of wanting it. I went outside…swam in the pool, hiked, went to the beach… just leaving the house helped. I did things that would take my mind off of the things that I really wanted. This helped me a lot!

Day 2

Day 2 wasn’t as bad as the first day. I was a little more used to the “routine” of only having smoothies. I’m not saying day 2 was super easy-because it was not at all. It was still hard with temptations of seeing food when you open the fridge or seeing someone with food that looks delicious. It’s so much better if you spend your day outside (away from the phone, TV, etc.)

Day 3

I woke up & felt a little more energized today. Again, I tried to get my mind off of food so I went to the mall & then swam laps in the pool. I was getting more used to drinking smoothies. I was relieved as well as upset about this being the last day of the challenge.

“Don’t stop because you’re tired. Keep going because you’re almost there.”

Ritu Ghatourey

Since I was drinking detox smoothies, I had to make sure I stayed hydrated at all times. I didn’t want to feel weak or get a headache from not drinking enough water. So therefore, I made a detox water. I cut up some cucumber, lemons, and parsley & put that into a cup of water. I placed that in the fridge for a good 15-30 minutes to let all the flavors combine & then drank it until it was gone.  It tasted pretty good..all the flavors blended well together.


This challenge actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It took a day to get a bit used to things. After this challenge, I didn’t feel as bloated as I usually do when eating food. My stomach actually felt a little flatter. I felt a little more awake & energized too.

The next challenge I want to try is the 7 day detox challenge. I feel like I could really do it..if I prepare for it & set a goal to do it. If you want to accomplish something, be prepared! Be organized as well. Plan your smoothies before hand so that way you’re not just making a random smoothie of whatever. I have also seen people use zip-lock bags & putting their fruits & veggies inside them so that their all ready to put in the blender. You just have to add the foundation (water or milk).

Let me know if you decide to try this 3 day detox! 🙂