After taking a couple weeks off from blogging, It feels so good to be back! Finals are over & now I have more time to focus on blogging! To begin with this post, I do have one question to ask you! What do you believe is the most overly used phrase? In my opinion, it’s “I’m bored!” That phrase is used so many times a day that it’s almost a habit. But…I’ve created this list to help get rid of that phrase once & for all!! Or at least I hope!

1.) Online Shopping
2.) Go To A Local Grocery Store & Get Something That You Wouldn’t Normally Buy
3.) Bubble Bath
4.) Paint Your Nails
5.) Netflix (Start A New Show! Gilmore Girls, Prison Break, The Walking Dead)
6.) Start Your Own Blog
7.) Bake Some Brownies Or Cupcakes
8.) Workout


9.) Look At Photo Albums
10.) Buy A Pet
11.) Try A Colorful Makeup Look. Wear A Lipstick Color You Wouldn’t Normally Wear
12.) Get A Henna Tattoo
13.) Make Freeze-Dried Fruit
14.) Stay In Your Pajamas All Day & Watch Movies
15.) Watch Liam Neeson Movie’s
16.) Get Colored Highlights In Your Hair
17.) Make A Face Mask & Hair Treatment

18.) Make Some Tea
19.) Go On A Picnic
20.) Sign Up For A Dancing Class With Your Friends
21.) Buy Some Plain Colored Mugs & Paint Them
22.) Go To The Beach & Collect Seashells
23.) Make Your Own Lipstick!
24.) Go To The Dollar Store


25.) Eat Some Watermelon
26.) Make A Vision Board
27.) Go Through All Your Stuff  & Sell The Stuff You Don’t Need
28.) Read A Book
29.) Go Bowling
30.) Tie-Dye Shirts

31.) You even get a bonus! Go volunteer & give back to your community.

Thank You So Much For Reading! Have an amazing weekend! We will see you next Friday with an all new post! 🙂




17 thoughts on “30 Things To Do When You’re Bored

  1. If I am ever “bored” – which is insanely rare … I wander – I will go to a new store I have never been to before and just walk around. Or I will totally just go to the grocery store and go up and down the aisles. I call it research though because I am always trying to find the next recipe I should make! 😉

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  2. I love how the first option is online shopping because shopping is always fun…except when you are broke lol. I actually tried to make my own lipstick before! I also like the option to volunteer, because I think giving back to the community is such a great thing to do in our spare time.


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