It is never too late or too early in my opinion to start creating a bucket list. With this list, I will add check marks next to each one that I complete. Hope you enjoy!

I also created a “Things You Want To Do” List that you can download & fill out with all of the activities and adventures that you want to do so you don’t forgot them. Download Template Here!


1.) DIY Pizza Party
2.) Pajama Party
3.) River Raft
4.) Horseback Riding
5.) ✓Fish & Chips At The Beach
6.) Hot Air Balloon Ride
7.) Ice Cream Party
8.) Whale-Watching
9.) Learning to Surf
10.) Sky-Diving
11.) Running Through The Sprinklers
12.) ✓Go To A Seahawks Football Game
13.) Learn To Play Tennis
14.) Ride In A Limousine
15.) Go Kart-Racing
16.) Paint Ball With Friends
17.) Paddle Boarding
18.) 1 Week No-Social Networking
19.) Write & Publish A Novel
20.) Dye My Hair
21.) Make A Difference In Someones Life
22.) A Small Tattoo
23.) Go To The Grand Canyon
24.) Visit All 50 States
25.) Laser-Tag
26.) Go On A Cruise
27.) Swim Under A Waterfall
28.) Parasailing
29.) Scuba Diving
30.) Snorkeling
31.) Sky-diving
32.) Swim With Dolphins
33.) Road Trip With Friends
34.) Fly On First Class
35.) ✓Create My Own Starbucks Drink
36.) Try Lavender Syrup In Coffee
37.) ✓Take A Cooking Class
38.) Eat Dessert First
39.) Make Homemade Popsicle’s
40.) Breakfast In Bed
41.) Make My Own Ice Cream
42.) Eat At A 5 Star Restaurant
43.) Go Snowboarding

I would love to hear what’s on your bucket list! Anything that you have always wanted to try? I’m always looking for new activities to add to the list!



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