What’s the best gift to give someone? Having a little trouble coming up with a gift idea? Don’t even worry, I got you covered in this post! I have gift ideas for makeup lovers to music lovers! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Now let’s begin!!

#1 For the beauty lovers in your life..

Avon is a company selling all sorts of products such as skin care, makeup, fashion, and even fragrances. Purchase Here From Trinity! She’s Amazing!! Contact her for free samples & great specials!

Website: https://tburbank.avonrepresentative.com/

Email: tburbank13@gmail.com

Creamy Matte Lipstick goes on perfectly!

#2 The People Who Need A Spa Day…

The people who need a day off ASAP..a good book, a nice pillow, a blanket, massage, pedicure, & face mask. Unplug the phone, turn it off, & watch some tv.

#3 Music Lovers

For any of the music lovers, a nice pair of earphones/earbuds and an AUX Cord to listen to music in your car!

#4 The Creative People…

What’s the best gift idea to give to an artist? A coloring book, color pencils, paints, paintbrushes, etc… Even a gift card to Michaels!


#5The Sporty Type

We all know these types of people! The sports lovers! Buy them a jersey, sports mug, maybe even a game ticket!

#6 Coffee Obsessors…

Do you know someone who may be a little obsessed with coffee? Buy them a coffee mug or a gift card to Starbucks! Treat them out to the local coffee shop & buy the fanciest thing off the menu. If they don’t like coffee, buy some hot chocolate, or tea.


#7 A Unique Gift For A Unique Person

Buy a Scentsy Warmer! Wickless candles & Scented Wax. Pre-order your Scentsy Warmer now! Below is the Stargaze Warmer, beautiful lights of color! Try vanilla bean buttercream, sugar cookie, clean breeze, apple butter frosting, and black currant bubbly. Contact Independent Scentsy Star Director, Carrie Newman. https://cnewman.scentsy.us/ Contact her for a free scent sample!!


#8 For any of the tech lovers..what about an Apple Watch? You can customize the screen of the watch & display notifications and updates from all of your apps.


 Bye everyone! What’s on your Christmas list this year? Are you going anywhere for the holidays?





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