What’s so unique about lady bugs? I mean..other than they’re insects.. I could probably find a billion ways of why ladybugs are so special and unique. One of them is that they have such a beautiful & distinct color of red with little black dots. Here’s a little fast fact that I just learned today, whenever you see a ladybug AKA ladybird, don’t hurt it, because didn’t you know…they bring luck. The darker the color of the ladybug, the more luck you will get! Today I wanted to switch things up from some of my regular posts..maybe try something a little different! I was invited to a costume party and needed something easy to dress up as. Why not make a ladybug costume! The awesome thing is that this look is super cheap and pretty easy to create.

To start off this costume I quickly grabbed a black shirt, some tights, and boots. See, nothing too fancy!

I took out some red lip liner, and outlined the edges of my lips & filled it in…I find this the easiest way to put on a lip color. I used the Matte Velvet Lip Pencil by NARS. I love this product because it lasts so long! Usually when I wear matte anything…it feels so dry & my lips always look cracked. But I have to say, this one actually felt very light & moisturizing.

It took me a couple of trips to find this lady bug headband and the choker but when I found it on sale I knew I had to buy it. They both came in a package for $4.

Whoah! We’re not done yet. We can’t forget about the most important thing! You can’t be a ladybug without the wings. These wings were about $10 and were worth every single penny.


 And there you have it! Now off to the party! See you later!



Have you seen those nail pens you use to create designs on your nail polish? I recently bought the black pen from Sally Hanson and created some black dots on my nail polish to get more into character.


 Thanks for reading today’s post! Stay tuned for next weeks post! It’s gonna be a good one!




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