It’s pretty crazy to think that a year ago I began my blog, Infoella. A year ago I decided to take a chance and begin an exciting and thrilling new experience. To this day, I still remember writing my first post like it was yesterday. I kept looking up examples on how to write an introduction to a blog post and even how to come up with an interesting title for people to read. In honor of this special celebration, I have decided to share my ways of getting ready for a special event/occasion. I have taken the time to come up with some tips & ideas on how to get prepared for a special day. Hope you enjoy!!

The Night Before:

The night before an occasion is the time I like to prepare for the next day. I make a mental checklist of things that I can do to save time in the morning.

Hair Treatments

It is the perfect time to take a shower or a bath and perhaps make the hair look nice & gorgeous for the morning. Try a new hair treatment! I’m always looking for good hair treatments that I usually put in my hair for about 30 minutes and rinse off and put into braids.


Face Mask

I also like to apply a face mask to refresh my skin. This is great for hydrating and making the skin feel replenished.


Get An Outfit Ready For Tomorrow

I always like to pick my clothes out the night before to save a little bit of extra time in the morning and save me from all the trouble of making a mess in my closet. I always plan my outfit according to the weather the next day.

Movie Night & Snacks

Now that I am all prepared,..I like to relax my mind with a movie night & snacks. I’m pretty prepared when it comes to these, I get all my snacks ready to be eaten & pick out a bunch of movies I want to watch and have a movie marathon.

The Morning Of:

Getting Ready Music

Make yourself a morning music playlist-a list of your favorite songs that make you feel powerful and ready to rule the day!

Washing Face, Brush Teeth, Deodorant

It’s always a good idea to wash your face in the morning as well. I know when ever I wake up a little earlier than normal I will either take a shower or wash my face with warm water. It feels good & wakes me up!

Wear Your Outfit

Grab the outfit that you already have ready and add a special necklace or a watch to complete the look. Pick some fancy shoes & hit the road!






For the makeup part, I added a little CoverGirl matte touch up. Been loving this product, it feels very light on my skin and I don’t notice it at all!  I couldn’t forget about the cute & bright red lipstick too! Super hydrating for the lips.

_DSC0450.JPG“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”



Can’t start the day off without some breakfast! I know that if I don’t eat I become grumpy. I enjoyed eating this strawberry french toast with powdered sugar & syrup.



I always apply my perfume around my neck, behind my knees, wrists, and the ears. They say those are the best places to put them to last longer..pretty interesting right?



Style your hair, for a special event, I braid my hair the day before and take it out so that I have very curly hair in the morning and then I add a little salt spray to set the curls!


So there you have it, the steps to getting ready for an important event/special occasion! Thank you so much for reading today’s post! I hope you have a lovely weekend! Happy Friday & I will see you next week!





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