A couple of months ago, I created a post called “10 Things That Drive Me Crazy.” It was so fun to create & come up with a bunch of pet peeves of mine and to see that so many people could relate to them! This week, I wanted to come up with 10 other pet peeves of mine and create a part 2 to this post. I hope everyone has an awesome Friday! Now, on to this post…

1.) When someone keeps interrupting me when I’m tryna talk…and when I do talk, they’re looking all over the place and not focusing on me. You give them that evil stare but they’re so uninterested that they don’t even realize!

2.) When your friend posts a picture of you two and she looks like a supermodel and you look like a hot mess!

3.) Slow texters, I’m really not good with this! If I spend the time texting you, and you have the nerve to read it (Seen by). Yes, I saw you read the message and replied the next day.

4.) You’re opening the door for someone as a nice gesture and they don’t say thank you. While I’m holding the door, I stare at them for a couple of seconds and give a small eye roll. Enough said!

5.) When someone comes into class not prepared and starts asking the teacher and students for a pencil, eraser, pen, paper, a sticky note, stapler, glue, highlighter, calculator, last weeks note, an apple, change, and maybe even a pack of gum. I maybe exaggerating a little but that’s how it feels in class.

6.) When I hand someone my phone to look at a picture and 5 seconds later you see them start swiping through your entire photo album.  Like whoa there! Don’t swipe left, Don’t swipe right. I only wanted you to see that one picture not my whole entire phone.

7.) When you come home from a long day & you start looking for the most amazing food you’ve been saving for the moment only to find out someone ate it or threw it in the trash.

8.) When you order 10 burritos and they hand you 2 hot sauces…you ask them for more sauce and they want to charge you $4.00 for each one and $22 for some guacamole.

9.) When there’s a slow (turtle) driver in front of you, you pass them and find them texting instead of driving.

10.) When someone steps on the back of my shoe. No need to be in a rush!

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you can relate to any of these pet peeves! What are some things that drive you crazy?


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