Life can certainly be stressful at times. Our lives are always on the go but sometimes we just need a little quiet time to ourselves to take our minds off of the craziness in the world.

I remember when I bought my first stress ball, I had no idea what it was used for. I brought it pretty much every where I went. I had lots of fun playing with it though.  I was so focused on the squishiness from the stress ball, that I completely forgot about what I was stressing out about. I was intrigued by how cool and addicting this thing was. I believe the stress ball I bought was about $14. Back then, I wasn’t too worried about the price, but to know that you can create a stress ball with only a couple of ingredients & having most, if not all of the materials at home. That’s pretty awesome!


Gather all your materials: balloons, 1 cup of flour, measuring cups, & a water bottle.

As you gather all your materials, take your balloon and start stretching it out. (Trust me, this will help a lot when you have to put the flour inside the balloon.) It makes this process so much easier!


I had to improvise and make my own “funnel.” I took a water bottle and cut it in half with some scissors. I took the balloon and put the edge of it onto the lid of the bottle.

I added about a cup of flour to the “funnel” and shook it so that the flour would move into the balloon.


Once you get all the flour into the balloon, take the balloon off of the lid and tie it into a knot. I did a double knot just to be safe. You don’t want any flour coming out of the balloon..that would not be very pretty.

To be honest, my initial thought was, “Was this really going to work?” “Would it have the consistency of an actual stress ball?” But hey, it feels just the same as an actually stress ball. I love the final result of this DIY!


Motivational Mason Jar


Look at how cute this jar is! It’s so simple to make and the best part is it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Basically inside the jar, I added some quotes, cash, inspirational words, etc to look at when I am feeling stressed out. The reason I added cash was because when ever I am feeling stressed out, a delicious treat is sometimes all I need.

If you look up “Inspirational Quotes” you can find many awesome quotes to put in your jar. To make this motivation jar, I took out my supplies box and got out the sharpies, tape, a jar, and a piece of colored paper. (Pretty simple, right?)


Taking some sharpies, I had a bunch of fun creating the label for the jar. I tried to be as creative as I could. _DSC0316.JPG

You can tape or glue your saying to the mason jar. To be honest, this part was the hardest for me. I always get crazy with trying to find the middle of took me about 30 minutes to try to center this label.


Add quotes, magazine/newspaper cut outs, old pictures, cash, or any other objects to your jar. Remember, this is a motivate jar…what are some things that motivate you?


Like I said before, a delicious treat is sometimes what you may need. Treat yourself when you’re feeling stressed out. Life is too short not to enjoy something delicious. Treat yourself to a nice piece of chocolate cake or maybe an apple pie (that sounds so delicious right about now.)_DSC0303

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you try either of these DIY’s out! I hope you have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend!


8 thoughts on “Make Your Own Stress Ball + Motivational Jar

  1. I definitely have to make the motivational jar! It looks so cute, and I’m sure it will help a lot of people with organizing and inspiring them to keep up with their goals 🙂 Both are awesome DIY’s ❤


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