This weeks theme for the Beauties On Fire collaboration is “Superheros Vs Villains.”

What’s so great about being a superhero?

Well, I can already tell you there are a billion reasons why I would love to be a superhero. I mean other than the obvious reasons of having your own super powers and awesome gadgets and even having your own little sidekick gang. Today, I thought I would have a little fun and share with you my 7 easy steps of how to be a real life superhero.

#1 Outsmart Your Enemy Every superhero has got their villains right? Without the villains, would there even be a need for superheros. I mean without villains, there would be no story, and no challenge. As a superhero, we are required to face them no matter how challenging they can be. Never believe that you can’t outsmart your enemy.

#2 Have Your Own Costume As a superhero, you can dress any way you want to. Wear something bold or crazy! Or maybe you want to fit in with the crowd and not let your guard down. Whatever you wear, own it.

#3 A Weakness Let’s face it, we all have a weakness. Maybe it’s puppies or pizza, or maybe it’s something a little more series (even though puppies and pizza are pretty serious too) For me, it’s shyness, I have a real struggle with talking out loud. But instead of calling something a weakness or a struggle, let’s call it “something we want to work on and improve on.” Try doing something new everyday. Something that will push you & get you out of your comfort zone. Making a list of things that scare you or things that you want to accomplish.

#4 Your Purpose/What Do You Want To Accomplish What are some things you hope to fulfill? Start tracking your progress. Maybe you want to help & lead others or to help make a difference in someone’s life. I actually think that keeping a journal or notebook with you at all times is an awesome idea. Write down some things that make you happy or things that you find joy in doing whether it’s helping someone or helping your community. Remember, you can help someone in so many different ways, It doesn’t have to always be about giving someone something. Just being there and being by their side does more than you think.

#5 My Catch Phrase/Song What’s your song? The song that represents you. If you had to find a song that explained your life what would it be? Or in other words, what does your soundtrack sound like?

#6 A Cool Name, Duh! You can’t be a superhero without an awesome name right? This part can be a little difficult though. Some tips are to use characteristics in your name, or some parts of your real name. I need some superhero name ideas.

#7 My Special Power What’s something that’s unique about yourself? “I’m not ashamed to be me. More than anyone else I know, I love myself. What’s wrong with being unique? I am proud of everything that I am and will become.” – Johnny Weir  Be good to yourself, make a list of things that you’re good at. Remember, as a superhero it is our job to help other people. We want to be genuine, kind and treat others with respect.

I hope you found these 7 easy & simple steps helpful! Now you’re one step ready to becoming an awesome superhero!

Click the picture below to read everyone elses take on the theme “Superheros vs Villians.”

Beauties On Fire



12 thoughts on “How To Be A REAL LIFE SUPERHERO In 7 EASY Steps

  1. This is a great take on the week eight theme, girl! We definitely all have a superhero in us waiting to escape, though sometimes the villain gets out of us, instead. I love that I already have the whole superhero name thing figured out, Disaster Davis. Although, I’m not sure if a name like that would really put people at ease, not if they don’t want the contents of their homes accidentally knocking over. 😛


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