Creating a survival/mini kit can prepare you for any possible situation. I see these kits a lot on Pinterest which inspired me to make my own Back To School Survival/Emergency Kit. You can store this in your car, backpack, purse, etc. This isn’t limited to just school, you can use this kit on a day to day basis, any where you go: work, a trip, vacation, etc.



Things To Pack In The Survival Kit

-Gum: You never know when you may need to refresh your breath. Even breath mints work too, just pop one in when ever you need it.
-Hand Sanitizer: Use hand sanitizer when needed.
-Granola Bar: A quick snack to eat if you feel hungry or forget to bring a lunch!
-Money: Bring a couple dollars, you may need money to buy some water, or food, etc.
-Lip Balm/Gloss/Chap Stick: If your lips become dry, a good lip balm/gloss is helpful.
-Portable Phone Charger: If your phone is out of battery, just use a portable phone charger to charge it back up. This is super useful for emergency situations.
-Band-Aid: Help treat a cut, scrape, & blister.
-Feminine Products: (pads, tampons, etc.) For the surprise & unexpected circumstances.
-Earbuds: Doesn’t hurt to bring a set of ear buds!
-Deodorant: If you forgot to put on deodorant, no worries! Just open up your emergency bag & use the one you packed. #pleasedo
-Perfume: Pack some sample perfumes in a bag
-Mirror: Mirror Mirror on the wall
-Nail file/Clippers: Ouch! I just broke a nail!
-Hair Ties: When I was in my Science Class, it was mandatory to have hair tied up while doing Science experiments. One day, I forgot to bring a hair tie to class, so I ended up watching my friends do the experiment while I had to sit out & do the experiment next class. It doesn’t hurt to bring a couple of hair ties, who knows..other people may have forgotten one too.
-Comb/Brush: A quick hair fix!
-Hairspray: Just in case you need an extra spray for your hair.
-Tide Pen/Stain Remover: Hey, accidents happen!
-Mini Journal w/Pen: Write down your ideas so that you won’t forget them later.
-Tissues: If you’re not feeling too well, or if you spill something, use a tissue.
-Makeup (Mascara, Foundation, etc.): Time for a touch up!

((I stored all of these products into a mini bag.))


Now you can travel, go to school, or work without having to worry about any of these things. Did I miss something? Anything else you would add to this mini kit? Thank you for reading!

I found this hilarious saying that really made me laugh.









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