I think I have an obsession with planners. I just love the way you can make them your own, and add your own personal touch to it. Staying on track with your to-do list & goals so that you never miss a thing is always a plus too. However, planners can get pretty expensive. Some planners run anywhere from $20 to $100. I got my creative thinking glasses on & started to think about some ways I can make my own planner for cheap. It took me a couple of hours to plan this out, create the pages, and bind all of the pages together. It certainly was not easy to plan out, but it was definitely worth it in the end. In this post you will find how I embellished my planner, and the different planner templates you can print out & use.


I created all of the sheets in my planner, using “Google Drawings.” It took me a couple of hours to plan out what I wanted my planner & planner pages to look like. I wanted some pages to be more personal, so I added questions like what’s your favorite food, & what’s your favorite color, do you have any pet peeves, or guilty pleasures. I really loved how it turned out! It’s super resourceful, and I use it every day. It helps me stay on task & completing goals I had/have for the month. _DSC0242

I bought a turquoise binder for $1.50 from Target and I absolutely love it. I knew when I bought it, it was perfect to use for binding all of the pages together. Of course if you want to, you can always accessorize your binder by adding stickers or pictures to the front. _DSC0234_DSC0235

In this planner you can write down your goals, to-do list, meals, schedule, plans for the week/month, notes, etc.


PLANNER TITLE : The title page of the planner

JAN-DEC MONTH CALENDAR : This is a monthly calendar, add your important dates, goals of the month, and your to-do list.

MEAL PLAN : Add your breakfast, lunch, & dinner. There’s also a place to put your grocery list-dairy, meat, fruits/veggies, household, bread, other.

ABOUT ME QUESTIONS : This is a questionnaire about you. This is more of a personal page where you add your interests & what you like to do for fun.

PLANS FOR THE WEEK : Add your plans, do you have anything going on for the week? Write down updates & reminders. There’s also a place for your notes & to-do list.

TODAY’S SCHEDULE  : Need to stay on schedule? Add what you’ll be doing for the day, your priorities, etc.

TO-DO LIST : Another to-do list, add what you need to do & put a check mark to each activity you have finished doing.

NOTES AND GOALS : A page specifically involving your notes & goals.

EXTRA SUMMARY NOTES : Need some more space for your notes? Here you go.

ACCOMPLISHING A GOAL :  Have a goal you want to accomplish? Add your goal to this page & the due date, the steps you’re doing in order to accomplish & achieve this goal, notes you may need, a box you check if you have completed this goal, and a reward you will receive from finishing this goal.

 I hope you enjoy this planner. These also make perfect gifts for family members or friends. I had so much fun creating it. Have a Great Friday! 🙂



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