Being stressed is never fun. When many things go on at once it’s almost impossible to not be stressed out. Stress can really affect your mood. You may be feeling over the edge, or even super tired. I came up with a list of 20 things you should try when you’re feeling pressured or overstretched.

1.) Listen To Music, make a playlist of songs that make you feel like a boss. Pick music that will uplift you and put you in a good mood.

2.) Read Quotes & Memes, I can do this for hours. Memes always crack me up when I’m feeling stressed. They always put a smile on my face.

3.) Get A Treat, frozen yogurt and bubble tea always sound like a good idea to me. I recently tried a “Cold Pressed Juice.” It contained vanilla almond, almonds, dates, vanilla bean, and sea salt. It was super refreshing! Sometimes all you need is a little refresher to get your mind feeling good.

4.) Coloring Books, buy some color pencils & a coloring book. Take your time & color in the lines. My favorite coloring books are the “Color Me Mindful Underwater”  and “Lost Ocean.”

5.) Stress Ball, sometimes you just need to release tension. A stress ball is super helpful with relieving stress.

6.) Take A Bath, I love the bath bombs from Lush. You can also make your own bath bombs which I thought was pretty cool. If you search it on Youtube or Pinterest they have so many different recipes you can try. Add this to a nice warm bath and add some candles, & bring a book that you love to read.

7.) Go To A Pet Shop, when ever I walk into the pet shop, I just want to adopt all the little kittens they have.

8.) Watch Your Favorite Show, what would we do without netflix? There’s so many TV Shows & movies you can watch.

9.) Get Out Of The House, text some friends and ask them if they want to come over or meet somewhere. Go bowling, grab a coffee, learn how to surf, or go kayaking.

10.) Bake Something, make some banana bread with chocolate chips. Have you tried kale chips? They’re so yummy & don’t take very long to make!

11.) Stop, Breathe, and Pray, sometimes you just have to stop with what ever you’re doing, take a big deep breath, and pray.

12.) Read A Book, I’m going to be super honest, I haven’t read a book in a very long time. I can never find one I like. If a book isn’t interesting in the first 2 pages, I usually lose interest & stop reading it. But let me tell you, when you do finally find that book that you can’t let go of, you’re almost sucked into the book, literally. Anyone have any good book recommendations?

13.) Plant A Garden, create your own vegetable or flower garden in your backyard.

14.) Start Writing In A Journal, grab some coffee or iced tea, get your journal ready, go to the beach, & just start writing. What are your goals, What’s on your bucket list? These are some topics you can write about.

15.) Do A DIY, make something! Do you have any old T-shirts or shoes handy? Accessorize them, add rhinestones, studs, and paint them up. Use your imagination.

16.) Go Hiking, getting out and walking while exploring is one of the best things you can do. Walk to the beach and have a picnic.

17.) Feed The Ducks, go out & feed the ducks, how cute is this!!

18.) Drink Some Tea, I love having a cookie & dipping it in my tea.

19.) Go on Pinterest, super addicting!  If you don’t have a Pinterest, you’re missing out. I could spend hours on Pinterest. I love finding recipes & quotes.

20.) Shop online, I love finding good deals online, who doesn’t? One of my favorite places I like to shop is Etsy. On Etsy you can find handmade items that people are selling. I love it!

 I hope you found some things on this list helpful. Thank you for reading!




30 thoughts on “20 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Stressed!

  1. Good tips. I used to read all the time and then the internet was invented and now not so much but reading is one of the most relaxing activities. Especially if you combine it with taking a bath. 🙂

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  2. I absolutely hate stress and it would be nice to be able to get rid of it as soon as I can. Music seems to always help and aside from that I normally give myself time to think and breathe, I just simple stop whatever I’m doing and I try to relax.

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  3. Very good ideas for relieving stress! It’s tough to avoid stress but there are plenty of ways to beat it, and these 20 things are proof of that. I’m glad that you mentioned that it’s going to be irrelevant in a year, because it’s true. We should let ourselves be beaten by stress.

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