It’s time to start getting out the lemonade and homemade popsicles because it is officially Summer. I spend half the summer watching movies eating potato chips & other half traveling. Therefore, I have decided to create an ULTIMATE GUIDE for having the best summer! I’m doing a collaboration with Chelle Belle. Click Her Link Here:  She is super sweet & I absolutely love her blog. Please check her out. 🙂


You can’t get through your summer without a little bit of toons right? I made the perfect music playlist for summertime that I hope you’ll enjoy! So sit back, relax & enjoy the music. What are your favorite summer songs? Listen to my playlist & let me know if you like it or not.


I constructed a list of 30 Things To Do This Summer. I’ve also separated each task into different groups-travel, food, creative, outdoors, and home.


I love eating Tuna Melts in the summer. Perfectly seasoned & delicious. They taste great on a nice, hot summer day. Once you have one, you start craving it because it’s so yummy! The fries just made everything click together.

Sushi! I was surprised to hear a lot of my friends have never tried sushi. I always order the Gyoza, a California Roll, & the Shrimp Crunch Sushi Roll. If you order it with a side of spicy mayo, you’re all set to eat! The perfect blend of flavors.

Pizza & Garlic Bread of course! Pizza crust is my favorite & the best part of a piece of pizza. What kinds of things do you like on your pizza? I know lots of people who like a bunch of stuff on their pizza, but I like mine plain. There’s nothing better than cheesy bread with a taste of marinara sauce. We should have ordered more garlic bread!

Do you have any plans for the summer? Are you seeing any movies or traveling anywhere? Tomorrow (Saturday), I’m going to watch the movie “The Shallows” and I’m super excited! Hopefully the movie is as good as the promo for it.

img_8541-1The water has been so beautiful lately. It looks incredible. It makes me just want to jump in & start surfing.

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