I did a guilty pleasures blog post & today I am going to switch things up and do 10 things that drive me crazy. Happy Friday to all of my followers. I hope you have a great summer with all your friends and family.


1.) When you’re the only person at the gym & someone comes & decides to get on the machine right next to you when there’s like 400 other machines open. Ahhhh that drives me crazy!! There’s no other way to put it.

2.) You text something in a group chat for everyone to read and no one replies. 😥 Talk about awkward. But what’s even more awkward is when it says “Seen” & people actually read it, & still just ignored it.

3.) When someone stares at me while I am eating

4.) Slow walkers: When someone literally stops & starts talking to their friends while blocking the whole walkway. So you’re forced to just walk behind them.

5.) Cramps! Need I say more..

6.) Dressing Up..I like wearing jeans & comfy tops with converse shoes but I’m not into wearing fancy gowns or dresses with big heels.

7.) Anything math related. I just can’t do it, no matter how much work I put into doing it. This quote always makes me laugh “Are you taking any foreign language classes this year? Yeah, Math.”

8.) When someone coughs without covering their mouth. Ew gross!

9.) When you say something funny & someone repeats what you just said & takes credit for the joke. Not cute!

10.) When you’re driving, & suddenly someone is practically on your bumper.

What’s your pet peeve?



101 thoughts on “10 Things That Drive Me Crazy

  1. I cannot stand when people do not cough or sneeze into their elbow. I hate when my husband uses his hand or when anyone does for that matter. I can’t stand when people do not use their blinker and when then do not make a complete stop at a stop sign. I am sure I have more, but those came to my mind straight away.


    1. Oh and this could relate to the gym one, when people use the stall right next to yours and there are plenty of other ones far away from you.


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