Today, I traveled to one of the top 10 fairs in the US & CANADA-The San Diego County Fair. This place is fun for anyone. There’s so many endless options of games & food. You’ll be there for hours without even realizing the time.


This years fair theme is the Mad Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland movie.


As we walked through the entrance, we saw all the restaurants. Look how much chicken they cook up in the back…that whole stove is full, like danggg!! & look at how much french fries you get..It’s like 10 pounds of french fries on the scale. Nom Nom Nom…


This place got busy very fast. We made sure to get there right when it opened so it was less crowded.


Of course we had to take a little walking break. It felt like we were walking for miles, this fair was huge! They had a bunch of these machines around the fair where you just put in a quarter & it’ll give you a foot massage.


A lot of my friends have already gone to this fair & told me I should try the deep fried oreos. I got it with powdered sugar & chocolate sauce. It was so delicious. We asked to get them made it was nice and hot. The Oreo was warm & gooey inside. I could easily get hooked on these things.


You cannot go to the fair without getting some kettle corn. Super addicting..let me tell you, I need to add this to the list of my guilty pleasures.



Just one of the entertainment acts we saw at the fair.

What’s your favorite festival food or activity? Do you like to go on the rides or play games?






74 thoughts on “Visiting One Of The Top 10 Fairs In The US & CANADA

  1. Bet you had a lot of fun ^ ^ We don’t have fairs often that’s why I am so jealous with your photos 🙂
    Yay for massage


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