Today, I’m going to be doing Rant #2. The topic I’m doing is “Dealing with Haters.” I believe this rant can help someone in the future, if you ever go through this or something like this. Here are some options that you can do if you are going through this.

#1 Respond Back

Wait! You get a message or hear someone talking smack about you. You are in the heat of the moment..don’t respond back so quickly. Don’t say anything you are going to regret later. I don’t know how many times I lay at night till 6 AM wide awake thinking about how I just responded back to someone…if I should have said it in a different way or not have said it at all. I start drenching in sweat, over-thinking  everything & instantly regretting what I did or should have done. So..learn from me, wait a couple of hours or even a day if you’re going to reply back. Ask yourself, do they even deserve a response or are they trying to get you to spark & lose your cool? Don’t give them that! When writing, write graciously and civil. Get someone to read your message too before posting it.

“You’ve got enemies? Good, that means you actually stood up for something in your life.”

Winston Churchill

#2 Use It As Motivation

I’m pretty sure everyone gets haters, even the nicest person in the world. Why not use it as motivation? In this rant, I hope you don’t think I’m coming across as “All Hate Is Bad.” Because sometimes it’s not-it can be used as a push or an encourager to some people. The doubters are people who don’t want to see you make it, don’t want to see you become successful in life. I actually have a challenge for you…Make a Motivational Board. There are so many on Pinterest. If someone says something negative about you write it down on a sticky note & glue it onto your board. Use it to look back on & prove them wrong.

“There will be Haters, There will be Doubters, There will be Non-Believers, and Then there will be You, Proving them Wrong”

#3 Ignore Them

Just avoid getting into any conflict. Don’t respond..pretend you didn’t even read it. Don’t let it phase you or stop you from chasing your dreams, just keep going. I have to admit though, ignoring it is probably one of the hardest things to do..because all you want to do is go off on them & confront them. Don’t lose sleep over this, or be concerned by the opinions of others. Because that’s all it is..opinions.

“A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep”


#4 Start clearing your “friend list”

Start getting rid of people on your friends list. It makes me a little sad when I see people trying to please everyone they come across. It’s technically impossible to have everyone like you for who are. That’s why we have decisions to make when it comes to having friends. Choose friends that are going to be there for you when times get rough. Honestly who cares about if you have more followers than another person. How do you know if someone is your actual friend? Do they only need you when they have a problem? As life goes on, we learn & find who our true friends are..who stood up for you when you weren’t there.

“If you’re not losing friends, you’re not growing up”

I appreciate all the comments on my last rant post. People really connected with it & I’m hoping you can connect with this rant too. Thank you for listening! Have a blessed Memorial Day.

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” Have you ever met a hater doing better than you? Me neither.”


85 thoughts on “Don’t Have Time For Haters! Rant #2

  1. If you can’t find any lesson from haters, then it is good to ignore them. Life is full of surprises, you’ll never know but you can also learn from them.


  2. I think my issue is the opposite of your #1. I stay up at night thinking of all the things I could have said but didn’t. I do believe in not responding out of anger, hurt, or fear in the moment, though. Give it time and then come back to it if you think it is really worthy of your time and energy. If not…let it (and them) go.


  3. Oh I love this post!!! There is such wisdom here. Really great points that actually inspired me and the way I deal with haters.
    Haha most of the time I’m totally oblivious to them, always focused on moving forward and not paying any attention to whatever everyone is saying…

    Liked by 1 person

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