Got a bunch of pants or jeans in your closet & have nothing to pair it with? Today on the blog, I’m going to show you 5 different ways to style your pants! So lets get on with it shall we…

Printed Pants: To style my printed pants, I wear something that will make the pants more striking. I wear my white tee that goes perfect with these pants. Adding jewelry like a bracelet or necklace makes this outfit more dressy in my opinion. I decided to add one of the hats I got from Las Vegas with this outfit. I think the pink from the hat also adds a pop of color. Cute & stylish!




Dark Grey/Brown Jeans: Maybe it’s a little chilly out but it still has that nice warm weather outside. Why not wear your pants over your bathing suit. Cute & chic!


For a coverup bring a tank-top you can put over your bathing suit.



Light Grey Jeans: Pair your grey jeans with a sheer top & add a tank-top underneath. You’re all set to go! I also love wearing any super bright pink lipstick. 


  Dark Blue Jeans: For more darker jeans I wore a half top that is knitted. I think it goes perfect with the jeans!

Regular Jeans: How easy! A grey top with some blue jeans & you’re ready to go. You can pair it with a cute hat as well.

Hope you enjoyed! How do you style your pants?


98 thoughts on “5 Snazzy Ways To Wear Your Jeans/Pants!

  1. I like your hat, it suits well on your last pair of jeanspants. I like your fashion sense, you are not afraid to mix and match.


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