Shhhh! It’s the Guilty Pleasures Time 🙂

(I hit a very important milestone on my blog this week & that is, I reached 400 views on my latest blog post! Thank you so much for all your support!)

Today on the blog, I’m gonna be sharing 12 Guilty Pleasures of mine. Lets be real though..I don’t feel guilty at all for any of these things. I like what I like!

Dipping Fries In Ice Cream

When ever I go to Wendy’s I always order a chocolate frosty & the large fries. Dipping the fries inside the frosty is so delicious! It’s like the ketchup to my fries. It’s a yummy sweet & salty flavor.

Putting In My Earphones With The Tv On While I’m Doing Homework

What can I say? I can’t do my work any other way. It’s like a background noise that I use to focus.

Dipping Everything In Nutella

Talking to some people, they’ve either never tried nutella or they don’t like it. I honestly dip everything in Nutella especially pancakes! Looove it!

Watching The Bachlor/Bachlorette

Every Monday you will find me on the couch with my ice cream getting ready to watch it. I think I get too attached with this show.

The Smell Of Nail Polish Remover

It’s gotta clean smell…I just love the smell for some odd reason.

Karaoke Nights

Shut the door, lock it, make sure no ones home. Turn the computer on, type in your favorite song – the Karaoke version. Get ready for the hook & start singing.

Watching “A Walk To Remember”

Every time I wake up & turn the tv on, this movie eventually comes on. I love this movie sooo much!!!!!

Netflix Marathons

You ever have those nights where you end up having nothing to do so you decide to go on a Netflix Binge? You find a show that you’re interested in & 10 hrs later you finished the series..& then you find another Tv show to binge watch. You finish that series & you have no idea what to do with your life.

Purchasing Stuff Online

I love getting stuff in the mail. It’s all official & everything. The best moment is when you try on all of the clothes that you bought, and everything fits perfectly & you don’t have to ship anything back.


Food is my thang! I always like explore different types & cultures of food. I recently tried Yucca Fries at a Peruvian restaurant that tastes delicious!!!!!

Writing My Signature On Everything

If you look at all my papers on my desk, I guarantee somewhere you will find my signature. I’m always looking for new ways of writing my name. Sometimes I like to curl the two e’s on the end of my name. I also like to add a little color here and there.

The Feeling After A Workout

I always feel energized after a great workout.

 QOTD: What is your guilty pleasure?

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110 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures!

  1. Purchasing things online and The smell of nail polish remover are surely my guilty pleasures. I liked the dipping fries in ice cream part! Loved reading this post 😀


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