I recently posted a Music Playlist for working out. Many people requested that I do a music playlist part 2! So today, I’m going to make a music playlist for a Road-Trip.

1.) Like I would -Zayn

2.) Wannabe -Spice Girls

3.) Harder To Breathe -Maroon 5

4.) Counting Stars -One Republic

5.) Rock That Body -The Black Eyed Peas

6.) Halo -Beyonce

7.) Mirrors -Justin Timberlake

Road Trip Music Playlist!!


8.) Tonight -John Legend

9.) Crooked Smile -J Cole.

10.) Work -Rihanna

11.) Beautiful People -Chris Brown

12.) Mad -Ne-Yo

13.) It Won’t Stop -Sevyn

14.) Don’t -Ed Sheeran

15.) Play Hard -David Guetta

QOTD: What’s Your Favorite Road-Trip Song??

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Stay tuned for a new blog post tomorrow!! 🙂


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