The Donut Bar is the most award-winning shop for donuts in the USA! They’ve been on countless tv shows, magazines, and media outlets. I wanted to see what the rave was about this place. Are the donuts really that good here? I can tell you that this place brings many crowds of people from around the world. This place opens at 8AM on the weekends & 7AM on weekdays. They close at 12PM or until all of the donuts are sold out. They sell 2,000 donuts a day. They sell out pretty quick so you have to be there quite early!


We drove to the location of the Donut Bar and found a parking spot. Put some coins in the parking meter & headed to the shop. There was a long line that wrapped around the whole block. Waited 1 hr & 30 minutes to get some donuts. All I kept thinking is “they better be worth it!” I also recommend looking at the menu, they always post it on Instagram the day before, so you know what you want to order when you get inside. The line goes fast when you have a cup of coffee by your side & some company.


We walked inside to hear some disco music & with the disco lights on. The workers asked us what we wanted as we were drooling over the looks of the donuts. The donuts are a little pricey, they range from $2-5. We bought 6 donuts in total. They gave us little samples of the french toast donut. Which is actually one of the donuts we bought.


The French Toast Donuts are made to order. I really recommend this donut! It’s pretty delicious! They also have upstairs seating so you can enjoy the donut while it’s nice and hot.


Also tried the Maple Bacon, Cake Batter, DB’s Nutella, Big Poppa-Tart, and the Triple Chocolate Threat Donuts!


 For the Nutella Donut, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t taste the nutella flavor very much. I wish they would’ve added nutella in the inside of the donut as well, to add more flavor & sweetness.

The Maple Bacon Donut was good! The maple icing tasted delicious! A perfect salty-sweet taste.

Big Poppa-Tart was one I really loved! When you sliced it open the jam just oozed out! It was really delicious. All the flavors were really good together! It wasn’t too sweet, it was just the right amount of sweetness.

The Cake Batter Donut was moist. This one is good as well! Sweet with little colored funfettis on the top!


Which donut looks the most appetizing to you?


 The next time I go to the donut bar, I’m going to stick with the French Toast Donut, Big Poppa-Tart, and the Cake Batter Donut. Those 3 were the best in my opinion.


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