Today I found this Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss at the store I just recently went to & it was five bucks. That’s a pretty good deal. I had my doubts when I first bought it like…is this actually going to work..or is it just a cheap alternative. So that’s why I’m going to test & review this product out!

  • -Name: Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss
  • -Brand: LA GIRL
  • -Price: $5
  • -Color: OBSESS (color name) A Coral Color

There are many different colors..I believe there are 16 different shades of the LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss. I chose the Obsess color to purchase. Alright, now lets test this bad boy out! See if it really does the job. 😌


As I put this product on, it was really easy. It only took me a couple strokes of the brush. I used 2 coats of color.

*I also suggest starting off with a lip liner to outline & then using the lip gloss to fill in your lips.


At first, the lip gloss seemed pretty sticky but once it dried it turned matte & after I ate lunch, the lip product started to fade & rub off which kinda sucks!


Because the lip product is oil-based, you can use some olive oil or coconut oil to take it off.

The Pros!

  • -The color on the inside of the container is true to the color on the outside
  • -Looks very nice on!
  • -Nice Packaging
  • -Only 5 bucks!!

The Cons!

  • -You have to wait until the product dries on your lips to turn matte because it starts out “sticky-like”
  • -Didn’t last as long as I hoped
  • -Wish there was more product inside





I rate this product a 3 stars out of 5.


This product would be great if your just going out with friends to like a movie & just chilling or going shopping! This is good for a temporary fix! And who doesn’t love that price!


What other products should I review next?


17 thoughts on “$5 Matte Lip Gloss! Too Good To Be True?

  1. Such a beautiful color!! I love matt colors too!
    Have you tried the Kylie lip kit yet? People seem to be very happy about it! I’m waiting until it’s available in Belgium :)!!


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  2. I’ve tried this before, I despise the scent. If you want a really nice one, I recommend ColourPop (which is only 6 and super long lasting and non sticky!), Anastasia Beverly Hills, or MAC (I tried recently and it’s incredible! More pricy and worth it!) I consider myself an expert on liquid lipstick because I have 23..;) I’d love to see a post comparing a bunch of liquid lippies! Go Torrey!! Amazing post!

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