Need a good show to watch for tonight? Get that popcorn popin’ now because we got 11 different Netflix Shows you should binge watch tonight! Not all of them tonight of course.

I made a mini popcorn template that you can print out. CLICK HERE. Print it out, trace it onto some card-stock paper, embellish it & put your popcorn inside! Now lets get on with the show choices!

My Caramel & Peanut Popcorn all ready to be eaten! How cute is this mini popcorn box!


I think I watched the wholes series in …2 days? Each episode of the series, tests your brain and the way you think about things. It also helps with boosting your memory skill in day-to-day circumstances.


The series starts off as Lucas Scott joins the basketball team. Nathan Scott, his half brother,(also on the basketball team) is arrogant & self-centered, starts to take a dislike on Luke. This story also focuses on the character’s lives as they go through high school. Let me tell you, basketball, high school, and drama, makes some great TV!


 After being stuck on an island for many years, Oliver Queen gets reunited again with his family. When he comes back, he devotes his time to being a vigilante AKA The Hood or The Green Arrow. He hunts down criminals & people who have done wrong to the city using only one thing, his bow & arrow. Season 1, 2, and 3 are already on Netflix.


One of my favorite TV series ever! This show gets my heart pumping fast! Division is one scary place!! Nikita escapes a place called Division. After several years, she plans to bring division to the ground. Nothing will get in her way.


There’s only one season of the secret circle..which really sucks because this show is actually really good. Wish they would’ve continued with the show & made more episodes!


Gossip Girl is one of those shows that you can watch over and over and probably never get tired of.  Gossip Girl, is an anonymous person who likes to stir up the gossip involving the lives of the Upper East Side. Serena is one of my fav characters! XOXO, Gossip Girl.


In this series, we see the changes & transformations of Kevin (the main character) as he goes through life in High School. Hilarious show! Love Winnie & Kevin together!


If you like zombies this is the show for you! My heart pumps so fast when ever I watch this show. When a zombie pops out of nowhere, I just about have a heart attack. This show keeps me on my toes..which I guess is why I love it!


This show is about a couple who redesigns old/cheap houses into masterpieces. Chip & Joanna Gaines do incredible work!


Anytime I hear the theme song music it always makes me want to get out of my seat & do a full on break-dance. This show gets me excited!! I love a good crime show.


In a small town located in Dillon, Texas, football seems to be the thing that brings the whole community together…

What are your favorite shows to binge watch? What would you recommend? What kinds of snacks do you eat while watching your fav shows?

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73 thoughts on “11 Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

  1. One Tree Hill FOREVER. Loved Gossip Girl. I’m shocked Charmed isn’t on this list. Friday Night Lights is on my List. I know the guy who created it also did Parenthood so I know I’ll probably cry each episode lol

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