A drive to Little Italy is all it takes to get some delicious fried chicken! The Crack Shack is a fairly new restaurant, it’s only been open for a couple of months. Found this place on Instagram & decided to give it a try!

As you walk along the restaurant, you see a huge menu. You have to buy your entree and sides separately. So once we placed our order, we found a seat next to the fireplace.


This place serves fresh, free-range chicken, and organic eggs. The seating is all placed outside. The Crack Shack does do take-outs, so if you can’t seem to find any seating available you can always take it home to go.

We waited about 15 minutes for the food to come out. I ordered The Brick House Sandwich off the menu. To sum it all up, it contained crispy chicken, mayo, arugula, fennel, and kaiser. This sandwich is about $12. It was nice and hot when they served it! When I tried the sandwich, it was love at first bite. They have a bunch of sauces so make sure you try each one! I had my burger with a side of ranch which made it taste a lot better!

This burger is almost the size of my head.

Also tried the 5 piece Fried Chicken ($15) & the mini biscuits ($5).

The mini biscuits tasted soft inside. If you try these, make sure you wait til they cool down. The sauce on the side is called Miso-Maple Butter. To me, I didn’t taste the maple butter as much, it had a more of a plain buttery taste.

The Fried Chicken was delicious & very crispy!

I highly recommend this if you have not already tried this place yet. I would def come back again! Next time, I wanna try the deviled eggs & mexican poutine.

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UPDATE (MAY 21, 2016)

I went to the Crack Shack again today. Had the usual Brick House & the mexican poutine. It was delicious!! I def reccomend the poutine 100%


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