Most people agree that change is good. Especially when it comes to trying new foods! Trying new foods can be daring and adventurous. Personally, I think it’s good to expand your food choices & try something you wouldn’t normally eat. Here is a list of 10 different foods/drinks that you should try!

1.) Takis. They taste a lot like Cheetos but they’re a little more lime flavor-like. These Takis have a good kick! Just make sure you have a glass of H₂O by your side.

2.) Ramuné Soda. These are carbonated drinks. There is a marble on the top of the bottle that’s held in by pressure (carbon dioxide). In other words, the marble seals the drink. It’s actually pretty cool!

3.) Shrimp Tacos are hecka good! So basically inside the tacos are a couple of crispy shrimps, avocado, cilantro, and a special Tamarindo-Chile Sauce. I wouldn’t mind just having a bowl of it & eating the shrimp. The extra additives just add more flavor to your bite. The flavors really blend well together.


4.) Turkey Melts. I went to this place called Tin Leaf. I got the turkey melt, and inside it is, horseradish cheddar, arugula, and basil mayo. I also got the french fries with the Garlic Chive Aioli sauce. Can I just tell you how good this sauce is? It’s so yummy!!!

5.) Carne asada French Fries. You gotta eat this stuff SLOW to savor every single bite! The flavors of the guac, cheese sauce, steak, french fries, and sour cream just melt in your mouth. Wish they would sell these at the movie theaters. These would go great with a movie!


6.) California Rolls & Crunchy Roll Sushi. If you’re a sushi fan like I am, or have never tried sushi this needs to be on your food must-haves! Another tip is to try this with a Spicy Mayo Sauce. It makes the sushi taste a billion times better! Trust me!

7.) Cotton Candy Grapes. Yes, this is a real thing and man do they taste delicious!!


8.) Pesto Gnocchi. If you’re going to an Italian Restaurant tonight & you’re not sure what to get, try the Gnocchi! Gnocchi is a dumpling made from potato. There’s many sauces you can try it with! I chose a Pesto Sauce for mine.

9.) Animal Style Fries from In n Out. These fries come with grilled onions, melted cheese, & the special In N Out sauce.


10.) Calamari. It’s a deep fried squid, that’s served as an appetizer in some restaurants. Sooo gooood!


 So which one will you try first?

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