I went to the store recently…I wanted to find a color that I wouldn’t normally wear on my lips. I found this Eye Pencil that was such a pretty royal blue color. I thought about how cool it would look as a lip shade. So that’s exactly what I did!


I don’t know ’bout you, but my lips are always feelin chapped & dry. I’m always looking for a good, quick fix for chapped lips. The first thing to do is take some olive oil & dip a toothbrush inside. Start brushing your lips. This is gonna look a little strange but it really gets the lips exfoliated! (Don’t brush your lips too hard though.)

Add Some Moisture!

To add moisture, you can put on a lip balm. OR every day you can put on some Vaseline. All of these options are gonna help with chapped lips. I’m using this Rosy Vaseline Lip Therapy. I put it on during night-time.

Put on some Blue!

The product I used was the Sephora MY BF’S JEANS.


The first thing I did was outline my lips with the product & then fill in the rest with blue.



& that’s it.

Would you rock this color??

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