Today, I traveled to downtown San Diego with the fam. Lets just say this was such an adventure for me. We all went on a trolley ride & traveled around to see the different stops/places in the downtown area of San Diego.

After getting off at the first stop we headed to see where everyone was walking to. As we kept walking, we saw this huge statue of a sailor & a nurse kissing.

The Unconditional Surrender Statue is located in Embarcadero. It Signifies the ending of WWII.

     The trees I’m standing in front of are called coral trees. When these babies bloom they turn into a bright orange color!

This is the USS Midway. Inside is a museum and a restaurant which is pretty sweet!

We then headed to Little Italy. I swear Little Italy is such a cute place. There’s so many restaurants to try.

Every Saturday, Little Italy has a farmers market that goes from 8-2PM. While I was walking through the market I found this guy that makes Boba Thai Tea. Of course I had to try it! This is what it looks like-it was sweet & delicious.

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, go to Napizza!! They do not disappoint.

I always order the pepperoni pizza there. Last time I went to Napizza (for dessert) I ordered the Cannoli. Which is also really good, I recommend it!

Down on the Coronado Beach, you will see the sand castle man. He creates these sand castles that are super cool!

Where I’m standing, the little bushes on the sand spell out CORONADO at aerial view.


So, if you’re ever thinking about where your next vacay should be..downtown San Diego is the place to be!

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