Welcome friends! Today we’re going to be making statement/word hats! These make the best gifts if you have no idea what to give someone! You can customize their name or their fav statement or word.

Things You Need:

  • Plain-Colored Baseball caps
  • Iron on letters
  • Chain, Gems, Embellishments (Optional)
  • Studs
  • Glue (Spray adhesive or super glue)

*You can purchase most of these materials at Michael’s or any other craft store.



If you can’t find any old hats in your house you can find some at Target in the accessory aisle or maybe even the dollar store.

First things first…cut out the letters & peel off each individ. letter.


Using some spray adhesive or super glue…glue the letters onto the hat. You can customize your hat(s) anyway you want too. You can glue chain, add studs, or cool embellishments.


I’m adding studs to the sides of the hat. I used studs that had prongs on the back of them. So I just pushed them through the hat material & knifed the prongs down to secure them on.


This is what the first hat looks like. I went a lil crazy with the studs. But let’s be real…you can never have enough studs. They make the hat look polished off in my opinion.


The second hat, I added chain to the base of the hat. Thought it looked pretty cool! Actually, now that I think about it would look cool if the chain was spray painted with a bunch of different colors & then glued onto the hat.


Enjoy making your new hats! What statement/word are you going to put on your hat?


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