I don’t know about you, but whenever I get nervous I start biting my nails. Bad habit, I guess! So in an attempt to stop biting them I’ve decided to try “artificial nails” while my real nails grow underneath. I purchased the “Kiss 100 Full Cover Nails-Active Oval kit” from Target! It was only 5 bucks which is great!

Click Here To Purchase Them


   Look for the different nail shapes that fits onto your real nail. You may need to file the sides to get an “accurate” size.

To glue the “kiss nails” on, add a generous amt. of glue to both the kiss nail & your natural nail. I pressed on the nail & held it for a couple of seconds until everything dried.

I chose this Watermelon color from Essie to paint on the nails. I love this color!! Adding a top coat helps prevent any chipping from the nail polish.

Click Here To Purchase It!


 *Tip! It's a good idea to keep the
 glue that comes in the package in a 
pocket or a purse so whenever you go 
out & your "nail" accidentally comes 
off just glue it back into place.

It took me a little while to get used to these nails. It was hard for me to text a message, I was pressing every letter on the phone & had to keep pressing delete. This was my attempt at texting “Hey, How’s it going?” 

So, I wore these nails & they lasted about 5-6 days. The pack comes with 100 nails which is pretty dang good for the price!!



If you try these nails, let me know how you like them! Happy Friday Infoellers. ❤


6 thoughts on “Essential Steps For Oval Nails

  1. Even though I didn’t pick a favourite colour from the list and chose ‘other’ being taupe for me, it was still in the top percent!! My nails get uneven lengths a lot so these oval nails would be good while they even out! Thanks!

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