There’s officially 3 days left until Christmas. Crazy, Right! I think it’s time for a new DIY. So in honor of the holidays, we’re going to be making Christmas Wreaths. Making a wreath only takes 30 minutes to make and let me tell you, it goes by really fast!

What You’ll Need:

      ✓ Mesh Ribbon
      ✓ Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
      ✓ Scissors
      ✓ Decorations (Small Ornaments,etc.)


 Find your 16 inch Wreath Frame with the green ties. They sell these at any craft store. Start by separating the ties.

Take your Mesh Ribbon and start twisting it on the green ties, make a loop and then repeat. Continue to do this until you go all the way around.

Once you have finished with the first color, add a second color to the inside of the wreath.

Keep adding ribbon until you see no more green ties.

Once you finish putting on the mesh ribbon, take your small decorations((bells, ornaments, accessories)) & hot glue them onto your wreath.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Enjoy making your new wreaths. What color would you make your wreath?


9 thoughts on “Fall In Love With Making Christmas Wreaths

  1. I love the colour combination and my mind is swirling: one for each season or a gift or my front door….lovely idea and your instructions made it seem possible for me to do! Thanks. ❤


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