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So last weekend mum and I went to Sephora to get some beauty products for ourselves. You know when you’re on your way to the checkout lane and they always have those little things leading up to the cashier that you HAVE to buy because they’re so cute.

Well, I saw these flash tattoos in a pile. I swear, they were looking at me just saying “Tonee Buy Me. Tonee Buy Me. Tonee Buy Me.”  So I bought them!

Purchase The Flash TATS HERE:



…I’ve heard so many things about these tattoos from school and on social media. I really wanted to try them out for myself. The one that I purchased was the ZAHRA Flash Tattoos for $22.


After opening the package, I was pretty intrigued by all the different shapes and colors. I love how they’re so shiny and metallic!


Cutting the tattoos was pretty sweet…I chose the tats. that I wanted to wear that day and then just cut them out with a pair of scissors. Remove the clear sheet on the tattoo, take a wet cloth, place that on the tattoo face down on skin and waited 30 seconds & then removed. (Just like a Regular temporary Tattoo).


We did a little mini photo shoot at the beach.

**Also, To remove the flash tattoos i rubbed it with olive oil. this worked well, if you dont have olive oil, you can use any other oil-substance (baby oil, coconut oil, etc.)


*My mum’s flash tattoos lasted about 5 days and mine lasted about3-4 days.

Overall, I really love these flash tattoos & they make wonderful gifts for friends & family! They’re super easy to put on & look super sweet when you do. I absoulutely adored the ZAHRA tattoo style & would love to try the other different tattoo styles as well.


Word Of The Day:

Cantankerous: Bad tempered, unwilling to help others, and difficult.

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