My Bucket List (43 Things!)

It is never too late or too early in my opinion to start creating a bucket list. With this list, I will add check marks next to each one that I complete. Hope you enjoy!

I also created a “Things You Want To Do” List that you can download & fill out with all of the activities and adventures that you want to do so you don’t forgot them. Download Template Here!


1.) DIY Pizza Party
2.) Pajama Party
3.) River Raft
4.) Horseback Riding
5.) Fish & Chips At The Beach
6.) Hot Air Balloon Ride
7.) Ice Cream Party
8.) Whale-Watching
9.) Learning to Surf
10.) Sky-Diving
11.) Running Through The Sprinklers
12.) ✓Go To A Seahawks Football Game
13.) Learn To Play Tennis
14.) Ride In A Limousine
15.) Go Kart-Racing
16.) Paint Ball With Friends
17.) Paddle Boarding
18.) 1 Week No-Social Networking
19.) Write & Publish A Novel
20.) Dye My Hair
21.) Make A Difference In Someones Life
22.) A Small Tattoo
23.) Go To The Grand Canyon
24.) Visit All 50 States
25.) Laser-Tag
26.) Go On A Cruise
27.) Swim Under A Waterfall
28.) Parasailing
29.) Scuba Diving
30.) Snorkeling
31.) Sky-diving
32.) Swim With Dolphins
33.) Road Trip With Friends
34.) Fly On First Class
35.) Create My Own Starbucks Drink
36.) Try Lavender Syrup In Coffee
37.) Take A Cooking Class
38.) Eat Dessert First
39.) Make Homemade Popsicle’s
40.) Breakfast In Bed
41.) Make My Own Ice Cream
42.) Eat At A 5 Star Restaurant
43.) Go Snowboarding

I would love to hear what’s on your bucket list! Anything that you have always wanted to try? I’m always looking for new activities to add to the list!

For The People That Suck Up & Spread Gossip! Rant #3

_DSC0947.JPGWelcome to my third rant in this series! I hope everyone had a great Christmas & spent it with lots of friends and family. Today I thought I would get some things off my chest & write some things on this subject..I hope this helps some people that are currently going through this or may eventually go through this. I’m going through a similar situation & really wanted to write my thoughts on this subject. Hope yall enjoy & have an amazing New Year’s.

Gossip is the 6 letter word that can destroy a friendship or any type of relationship. Honestly, I feel like everyone has said something about someone at least once in your life. Whether it was about someone that drove you nuts, or even someone that you felt jealous about. Trust me, we’ve all done it! I believe that the consequences and how hurtful it can be never really hits you until you or someone you know directly goes through it. You can physically & mentally see how it affects this person, the sadness or even the hurtfulness that they feel when someone decides to talk about them in a terrible manner. Why is it that people think it’s okay to talk bad about others when they are gone and act like their best friends to their face?

Why can’t some people suck it up and actually talk to the person face to face…why do we have to gossip about them? Is there really nothing else better to do? If someone isn’t doing something correctly why do people have to make fun of them and humiliate them in front of others?

With my personality, when I hear someone has been talking about me….I think I would almost rather not know. I can’t sleep or do anything. I have a tendency to overreact to things like this (that’s an understatement). I usually have to do things to get my mind off of the really sucks in all of your emotions and drains the way you feel. I usually take a bath & listen to my music very loudly. It also puts you in such an awkward situation when someone gossips to you about someone else. What are you supposed to don’t agree with what they’re saying but you don’t know how to remove yourself from the situation. Gossip & drama is can’t get rid of it but you can certainly deal with it..just like most things in life.

Your Support System

Family, Friends, …it’s the best thing when you can come home & talk to people who have your back!

Dealing With It

One day people will trash talk and spread rumors about you & the next day when they see you they will be your best friend & suck up to you whether its at school, work, or at another event. Asking the person what’s the reasoning in spreading gossip. Letting them know that if they have a problem with something that you do..don’t talk to others about it..tell it to me so that we can fix it.

Sometimes you may have to get further help from other people.

Personally, maturity and insecurity has to do with a lot of it. Many people do it to make themselves feel better. It shows the real personality of someone who continues to gossip & make fun of others. “The person that gossips to you, gossips about you.” Be careful who you call a “friend” because not everyone is.

Like I said, it’s practically impossible to not be around gossip when you are always around people. There are some ways that you can remove yourself from these types of situations. Removing yourself from putting your messages on silent or getting rid of your notifications. If you’re at school focus on school work & homework. At work, you’re there for one thing-to work. Do your job, finish your tasks, & clock out for the day. Try not to involve yourself in any of the drama going on. Remember, be careful who you call a “friend.” Some people will say that they care for you and are here for you, but when the time comes..will they stand up for you?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this 3rd rant in my series! I hope everyone has an amazing New Year! Don’t forget to make a new list of goals for you to accomplish this new & up-coming year!

What is on your list of things to accomplish as the new year rolls in?

9 Motivational Quotes For Starting The New Year

2 more days until Christmas! Man did this year go by fast or what! Did you reach some of your goals you had made for this year? It’s time to start making new goals for yourself to accomplish for next year! Of course it’s going to take a whole lot more than words on a paper to get you to accomplish all of these goals! It’s gonna take some motivation & inspiration to complete your goals..which is why I created this list of quotes that have a sense of enthusiasm and determination of starting this new year! Let’s begin!

#1 In a world full of followers & copiers, be an inspiration or a leader. Stand out & be original. You’re the cupcake out of all the muffins in the world!img_0852

#2 Stuff happens! Bad things…Good things! It’s a balance of both! Some days you may be a little more motivated, other days you may be sitting in your pajamas all day watching movies & drinking hot chocolate! 

#3 There’s really only one way to put this…you can go hard or go home!

#4 Sometimes you have to stand up & stick up for yourself! Show them who’s the real boss 😉

#5 The quiet ones are the thinkers…the thinkers who think before they speak or act.

#6 You’re the Pink Starburst!!!!

#7 You got this! All you need is a little bit of coffee & some music to get your day started off right!

#8 As long as you’re progressing & trying you’re hardest, that’s honestly all that matters! Don’t compare someone else’s growth to yours! If you’re moving up then you’re a step further in the right direction.

#9 You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine! Life is too short not to laugh & have fun! Hang out with people that make you smile!

Out of these 9 quotes which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! If you have a favorite quote you use as motivation I would love to hear it! I’m always looking for more quotes to add to the list! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’s!





10 Funny Things That EVERYONE Has Gone Through

You ever have those times in life where you feel like you’re the only person that goes through embarrassing moments! Well guess what, you’re not!! I’m going to share with you 10 different events that everyone has gone through!

#1 Saying you’re super full & then you see the dessert selection. You can’t resist the hot fudge molten lava cake even though you just said you’re never eating again!

#2 You start to watch a new show, and 18 hours later you realize you just finished 10 seasons of the show. The dreaded reality kicks in & you have stacks of homework, laundry, and cooking to do!

#3  You’re in class, the teacher says “okay class, begin to highlight the most important things on the paper” and you think to yourself so pretty much the entire paper.

#4 When you’re sitting in the back seat and the passenger’s window is down & your friend asks you if it’s too windy and you don’t want to be rude so you say no, it’s fine. When you get out of the car, you’re hair looks like a tornado formed on your head.

#5 When everyone’s active on the group chat and then the moment you type something no one replies. Nice talking to y’all

#6 When someone honks at you and cuts you off & you catch up to them. You got very far sir! Next time don’t try & cut me off because I will be right there beside you!

#7 Buying a pack of 40 pencils & losing them all in about three days.

#8 When you’re taking a “secretive picture” of something or someone & the flash comes on & blinds everyone.

#9 When you’re in an argument and you realize that you’re wrong so you start making fun of their grammar..& slowly try to change the subject.

#10 When you say you want just one fry..we all know how that ends up! You end up eating the whole bag of french fries.

What are some other relatable moments that are missing from this list? Let me know in the comments below!



Holiday Gift Guide Ideas

What’s the best gift to give someone? Having a little trouble coming up with a gift idea? Don’t even worry, I got you covered in this post! I have gift ideas for makeup lovers to music lovers! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Now let’s begin!!

#1 For the beauty lovers in your life..

Avon is a company selling all sorts of products such as skin care, makeup, fashion, and even fragrances. Purchase Here From Trinity! She’s Amazing!! Contact her for free samples & great specials!



Creamy Matte Lipstick goes on perfectly!

#2 The People Who Need A Spa Day…

The people who need a day off ASAP..a good book, a nice pillow, a blanket, massage, pedicure, & face mask. Unplug the phone, turn it off, & watch some tv.

#3 Music Lovers

For any of the music lovers, a nice pair of earphones/earbuds and an AUX Cord to listen to music in your car!

#4 The Creative People…

What’s the best gift idea to give to an artist? A coloring book, color pencils, paints, paintbrushes, etc… Even a gift card to Michaels!


#5The Sporty Type

We all know these types of people! The sports lovers! Buy them a jersey, sports mug, maybe even a game ticket!

#6 Coffee Obsessors…

Do you know someone who may be a little obsessed with coffee? Buy them a coffee mug or a gift card to Starbucks! Treat them out to the local coffee shop & buy the fanciest thing off the menu. If they don’t like coffee, buy some hot chocolate, or tea.


#7 A Unique Gift For A Unique Person

Buy a Scentsy Warmer! Wickless candles & Scented Wax. Pre-order your Scentsy Warmer now! Below is the Stargaze Warmer, beautiful lights of color! Try vanilla bean buttercream, sugar cookie, clean breeze, apple butter frosting, and black currant bubbly. Contact Independent Scentsy Star Director, Carrie Newman. Contact her for a free scent sample!!


#8 For any of the tech lovers..what about an Apple Watch? You can customize the screen of the watch & display notifications and updates from all of your apps.


 Bye everyone! What’s on your Christmas list this year? Are you going anywhere for the holidays?